SONG OF THE DAY Lecuona Cuban Boys – Tabou

Secondary, 2 of 2Taboo, Tabu, or Tabou, depending which version you listen to, is a tune I never tire of! So much so, I’ve featured a couple of renditions already, which you can find here and here!  What I love about this song is how each cover is really different from the next. Some have vocals, some are just instrumental and some date back to the late 1930’s, whilst others were recorded more recently – 2014!

I’ve actually pasted the original at the bottom of this post today because I have never (shame on me) included this in a post before!! What was I thinking?! The original is obviously very lovely too and was recorded in 1934 by Cuarteto Machin. Whilst this is the source from which all followed, I still have to say that I prefer today’s version and it’s not often I favour a cover more, but this is one of those rare occasions!

Recorded only two years later by the magical Lecuona Boys, their version of Tabou possesses that certain something that makes it more special!!..but then I do love this band and have written more about them (and featured another absolute beauty of a song) on my post, here. Which saves me having to repeat myself! All I want to say is that those mysterious melodic swirls in this song make me very happy and when the vocals begin to work their magic, its the most satisfying thing! Just listen for the moment when his voice becomes louder and impassioned! The dynamics flicker between loud and soft and I love how these little details gives me shivers! Such a wonderful rendition!! Enjoy!

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