SONG OF THE DAY Dschinn – Let’s Go Together

PrimaryEmerging in the late 1960’s as The Dischas, this psychedelic band knew how to make things rock! They came from Germany, left their mark by means of a heavy kraut-psych footprint and were gone by 1972!

Releasing as The Dischas, the band originally put out three 45’s on Germany’s Rex Records from 1967-69. By the early 1970’s they became known as Dschinn and together they concocted some pretty hefty hard rock, for which culminated into what became their only album. Issued on another German label called Bacillus Records, their sole LP was a self-titled effort they put out in 1972 – which, if you are lucky enough to get your mitts on an original copy, you could be looking at a price of over £200!

Band members consisted of Bernd “Capo” Capito (lead guitar, vocals), Peter “Eddy” Lorenz (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Silvio Verfürth (bass, vocals), Athanasios “Jacky” Paltoglou (drums, percussion)
and Uli Mund (drums, percussion). Their rhythm section was particularly notable and in places they broke into Sabbath realms!!

Taken from their one and only album, Let’s Go Together is livelier than a box of frogs on hot coal and is a perfect example of their rhythmic prowess! The beat holds this element of suspense throughout and makes for the perfect contrast to their melodic and crazy, vibrant vocal outbursts! It’s a big, bold, blazing song with tons of crazy energy and I love a bit of this! Enjoy!

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