SONG OF THE DAY The Harmonising Four – All Things Are Possible

Secondary, 2 of 2You only have to listen to this one track and you will see why this gospel quartet more than earned their name! The Harmonising Four hailed from the US and got together in 1927. First known as Richmond’s Harmonising Four, then as The Richmond Harmonisers, they eventually settled with the name we know them as today.

Their recording career was lengthy and extended over a good five decades – in which time (as you can imagine) they underwent several line-up changes. As their popularity grew, their fame peaked during the decades immediately following World War and they continued to release with various major labels.

They recorded for Decca Records in 1943 and toured in the post war years, performing at such high-profile events as the 1944 National Baptist Convention where they played to an audience of 40,000! They also performed at the funeral ceremony for President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1945 and at the wedding ceremony of gospel star Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Russell Morrison in 1951!

During this period the group recorded for different labels, including Chicago company Religious Recording, Coleman, and MGM. As of the early 1950s, they signed with Philadelphia’s Gotham Records and recorded some 40 songs before moving on in 1957 to Chicago’s Vee-Jay Records.

Today’s song was issued in this Vee-Jay period and came out in 1957, so it must have been one of their first 45’s on this label. All Things Are Possible is actually the B-side to this debut single and accompanied Farther Along (see below) an equally soul-soothing vocal delight.

All Things Are Possible is an absolute beauty. The shuffling beat embodies this vocal unity gloriously and the pace just reaches in and takes all stresses away. If only this song could literally whisk me away! Still, it’s done my head and heart no end of good tonight, so I hope it treats you well too! Enjoy!

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