SONG OF THE DAY Guadalupe Plata – En Mi Tumba

Guadalupe-Plata-regresan-con-En-mi-tumbaAn exciting new release came up on a feed for me today and before I’d even listened to it, I was pretty sure I was going to like it…and I do, I REALLY do!!

Translating as In My Grave, En Mi Tumba is a pounding monster of pure sonic muscle with a beat that (forgive my random brain) makes me think of The Doors, Touch Me!! Tell me you can’t hear that here!! 

Spanish blues duo Guadalupe Plata produce the most fascinating and eclectic fusion of blues, psychedelia and rockabilly. It’s been five years since Pedro de Dios Barceló and Carlos Jimena released their last record and a couple of years since their collaboration with Mike Edison, so their upcoming album is definitely something to look forward to!!

En Mi Tumba is the first single from this upcoming offering and tells a story of a lost soul who has died in a knife fight and whose grave no one visits. Recorded in Úbeda at Estudio Ataúd and mixed and produced in La Mina, if En Mi Tumba is anything to go by, this new record will be another smasher!! Look out for the release of this on May 5th through the Everlasting Records label!! Enjoy! 

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