SONG OF THE DAY Marie Knight & Sister Rosetta Tharpe – Calvary

Marie Knight and Sister Rosetta TharpeThe collaboration between these two vocal angels is a union made by the gods, for sure! The mighty voice of singer/pianist Maria Roach, better known as Marie Knight, won over Sister Rosetta Tharpe in the early 1940’s after Tharpe saw her singing at the Golden Gate Auditorium in Harlem. Already sharing a bill with Mahalia Jackson, Knight was invited to join Tharpe on her tour after reporting that she had recognised “something special” in Marie’s contralto voice! 

The pair continued to record and perform together through the 1940’s, issuing tracks for Decca Records. At times, they were even known to act out act out the parts of “the Saint and the Sinner”, with Tharpe as the saint and Knight as the sinner!! It was early in 1951 that Knight left Tharpe to go solo, after which she put together a backing group known as The Millionaires.

Calvary seems to have a few release dates associated with it, but 1953 seems to be the most common date to crop up, though by that time Knight had gone solo – but it’s not to say they didn’t get together to record from time to time?? Either way, its an absolute beauty and whether gospel moves you or not, you cannot deny the conviction and pure might in this glorious and powerful voice!?

Check it out above and if you fancy a good listen, check out the rest of the compilation that this song came from. Jukebox Mambo IV is the latest release from Jazzman Records and its got some tasty stuff on it!! Enjoy!


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