SONG OF THE DAY Fair Nick Stars – Arrete Mal Parle

PrimaryThe vibrant flightiness of today’s ball of sunbeams is really rather contagious and I’d be surprised if you made it to the end of this without some form of dancing…or movement at the very least!! Is that foot tapping!!?

The Fair Nick Stars were a West Indian band from the French Antilles who consisted of Max Labor (Lead Guitar), Jean-Pierre Misaine (Bass), Charles Fanfant (Drums, Cowbell & Cymbal), Ralph Victoire (Piano and Organ), Victor René-Corail (Saxaphone), Guy René-Corail (Trumpet), Edwige Rechal (Vocals), Guy Fanfan (Xylophone, Congas & Percussions) and Monique & Veronique Fanfant (Chorus).

Founded in 1974 by Monique & Guy Fanfant (a very well-known Guadeloupean family of musicians). they were active in the late 1970’s and issued all of their three albums on the French label, Capriccio. Not much else has been written/recorded about them and information is scarce, but thanks to smashing labels like Strut Records – who featured Arrete Mal Parle on their superb 2011 compilation, Sofrito: Tropical Discothequewe can still listen to their music today! Wohoo!!

Arrete Mal Parle is a lively treat of joy and I hope you like!! Check it out above.

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