SONG OF THE DAY Winston Wright with Tommy McCook & The Supersonics – Psychedelic Reggae

Secondary, 2 of 3The sinuous sounds of Psychedelic Reggae sadly never got released at its time of conception in 1970 and remained hidden for many years…until it was unearthed and reissued relatively recently!

Recorded in a Treasure Isle Studio over fifty years ago, Psychedelic Reggae featured pianist/ keyboardist Winston Wright, alongside Tommy McCook & The Supersonics. This track was later reissued as the B-side to Every Day Is Just A Holiday, which was recorded by The Sensations, Tommy McCook And The Supersonics.

Jamaican musician Winston Wright emerged in the mid-1960’s, appearing on many rocksteady tracks for  Arthur “Duke” Reid and other producers. He then worked for Dynamic Sounds Studios in the early 70’s and was part of Toots & The Maytals touring band from 1975.  The Supersonics were formed by Tommy McCook after The Skatalites split up (as a result of Don Drummond’ murdering his girlfriend in 1965!). McCook left Studio One and joined Arthur “Duke” Reid’s label, Treasure Isle. Band members included old partners from The Skatalites times as well as a bunch of new musicians. They were one of Jamaica’s most productive studio backing bands!!

Psychedelic Reggae was thankfully reissued by on Duke Reid Classics in 2018 and I love its swirly, serpentine melody and those punchy keyboard bits that makes your fingers want to go tap, tap, tap…It’s a curvy little tune, for sure!! Enjoy!

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