SONG OF THE DAY The Inferno – The Inferno

R-20109820-1654630951-7194I love a lot of music its fair to say and, indeed, for a lot of reasons! Today’s song I can’t help but liken to Fat White Family’s Auto Neutron; not because they sound at all alike, but because they bring about a similar feeling in me! What these songs have in common is that they get right under my skin with their quiet intensity and I adore the way this feeling gathers through the ebb and flow of today’s song with those heady, psych-guitar licks!

The Inferno were a garage band active in the late 1960’s that came and went in a flicker, like so many groups of that time. They released one single in 1968 on US label, Plastik Records and that was it! Though the scant information out there about them does indicate they later became Basis Of The Thing but, again, only one 45 came out of this outfit – and this I have included below.

The Inferno was accompanied on the b-side by the equally enchanting charms of Girl, Girl, which I may even be tempted to feature at a later date, such is is lure! The Inferno comes together in waves of soaring melodies and gathering rhythms, reaching a bridge about 1:12 minutes in. When the song breaks back into the melody once more, it culminate in a glorious swell of ethereal vocal ‘aahs’ and thill-inducing guitars that spin you to the stars! I can’t express the beauty of this moment and the way this song turns me inside out, but it’s a pretty bewitching feeling!

I also cannot end this post without thanking the music show that introduced me this superb track (and no doubt more to come)!!! Thank you BEATSVILLE!!

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