SONG OF THE DAY The Ebb Tides – My Baby’s Gone

PrimaryThis song has remained one of those unsolved mysteries to me until recently (thank you Beatsville!!)! I’d heard it before, but have never been able to find out who recorded it, so I am more than massively chuffed to have solved this!!

My Baby’s Gone was is a sassy garage rock number recorded by The Ebb Tides in 1966. It was the only 45 the band ever put out (unfortunately) and was backed with their rendition of Summertime – both tracks were issued on Massachusetts label, Arco Records. The good news is, however, that some of the band members later went on to form The Tangerine Zoo (I’ve found some live footage and included it below), and this band put out at least two albums and a handful of singles!

The Ebb Tides hailed from New Bedford, Massachusetts in the mid-1960’s and consisted of members, Robert “Benny” Benevides (guitar), Tony Taveria (bass), Donald Smith (drums). My Baby’s Gone is credited to Robert Benevides, who also wrote a lot of the songs in The Tangerine Zoo! Why the band split after just one single, I don’t know, but what I do knos is that today’s track is one mighty fine masterpiece and for that this will forever be one of my favourite garage rock songs!!  Enjoy!

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