SONG OF THE DAY Ofege – Nobody Fails

PrimaryOne of the most impressive facts about Ofege is that they were just wee nippers when they emerged in the early 1970’s. Formed by a group of teenagers at the St. Gregory’s College, Lagos, most of the band averaged at an age of just 13 when they started out!

Largely influenced by the guitar solos of Carlos Santana, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Francis Rossi, they were also driven by the criss-cross rhythms of Osibisa, The Funkees and Ofo The Black Company.  But Ofege introduced a another dimension to the circulating psych-rock of the time, adding their own fuzz-rock, funk-laced fusions into the mix.

Ofege became one of the greatest Nigerian bands of all time! 

Their first album was recorded while the band members were still in high school – and all averaging age of 16!. Issued in 1973, Try And Love was one of only four albums that Ofege put out and though they achieved great national success, this recognition never made it out of Nigeria. It has taken many years for them to be rediscovered! In an article I found by Light In The Attic Records, they explain how, “at the turn of the century (and because of tracks appearing on various compilations) Ofege would receive international acknowledgment for being the first of their kind and THE ultimate West-African psychedelic funk band!”

Nobody Fails opens their debut record and, with its contrasting groove-funk wah wah guitar and soft-rock vocals, accesses this fine balance between raw and smooth…It’s a great mix and its even greater to think that this young band achieved so much, so young! It’s just a shame that their international recognition came so much later.. Enjoy!

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