SONG OF THE DAY Project Gemini – After The Dawn

Almost a year ago, I featured the soaring swirls of Scorpio’s Waltz by Project Gemini, a.k.a Paul Osborne. This track dropped just before the release of his debut album, The Children Of Scorpio and, after a much anticipated wait, we once again graced with a brand new track Project Gemini – this is his first release since last year’s album.

Based on a groove from a 2018 demo, After The Dawn pushes the sound he previously conjured for his debut into new, expansive realms. Bubbling with the essence of 70’s Anatolian Rock, this influence wafts through its gentle garage-psych demeanour as the music of Turkish musicians such as Erkin Koray and Edip Akbayram echo throFuugh. Also inspired by bands such as July, this is where the hazy, psych-folk sound comes in!

Featuring the drummer of Sababa 5 and Paul Elliott from Eleven 76, their rhythmic delights presents fine Eastern percussion, whilst Little Barrie takes things to the next level with his rhythm and lead guitar contribution. Paul’s bass guitar is front and centre, whilst his layered vocals wash throughout the production. Mixed by Paul Isherwood of The Soundcarriers and mastered by Joker, After The Dawn is a rich and heady source of psychedelic goodness!

With a new album on its way, After The Dawn is the taster for Project Gemini’s next chapter. Thematically, the album is loosely based on the concept of how the hours between dusk and dawn impact human behaviour, and After The Dawn reflects the brew of guilt and elation felt after a lost night of soul searching….

After The Dawn is out now on Mr Bongo and can be found/purchased from here. Enjoy!

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