SONG OF THE DAY The Space Walkers – Swamp Gas

R-18249241-1618139851-2136Who were The Space Walkers? A cosmic crew of unknown’s that could’ve come from another galaxy for all I know, such is their mystery! I can’t really tell you too much about this band, other than they consisted of (at least) Ted McLaren on guitar and Lewis Ashmore on lead vocals, but their wacky musical offerings are rather amusing!….and rather rare by the looks of it too!

They issued only one single and an EP in the mid-1960’s, both brought into our sonic orbit via a Californian label called UFO Records – which was set up especially for The Space Walkers!!

First came Swamp Gas, b/w Gemini Jump in 1966, followed by a four-track EP called Other Worlds, which I can’t seem to locate a release date for at the moment? All pretty space-themed as you may have guessed! The crazy, surf-frenzy that is Space Walk opens the EP, pathing the way for songs such as Too Many Light Years and The Invader.

I read a line earlier (though now I can’t remember where) that described Swamp Gas as a “kooky California novelty” and I think that says it all!! This cosmos-hopping, country-meets-psych is really out there!!…. Enjoy!

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