SONG OF THE DAY Jo Hamann – Wild Woman

R-2918700-1574295302-4981If you’re looking for something a little smooth polished today, you may be a little disappointed, but if fancy sampling a slice of some self-made music, you may just like this? I stumbled upon this track earlier and was drawn to the it’s rough-round-the-edges imperfect sound. This song is raw and basic to a degree, but it’s also the epitome of that fine DIY ethic I am so fond of!!

There isn’t much (if anything) out there about the man behind this track. Jo Hamann never gained much recognition, he was never signed and never had any official releases. Anything that made it to vinyl was done so off his own back. He was a so-called one-man band who was often seen playing his music on the streets of Southern Germany – this information I’ve found from a comment on a Youtube page, by the way. 

Jo Hamann wrote all of his lyrics, played all his instruments and sang all of his own songs. He only ever recorded about 100 7″ singles, which were pressed and sold to his audiences on the streets. On occasions he would send these 45’s to potential managers and promoters – one of which even made it to the Velvet Underrground’s manager when he applied for the place of Doug Yule in Velvet Underground!!

Today’s song is the only known release, issued on Offers-Musik (a German Independent label from Heidelberg run by Rüdiger Eggert which specialised in local Krautrock). Of course there is no trace of these pressings anywhere and I believe the only place that you can find Wild Woman in on a compilation called Prae-Kraut Pandaemonium Vol. 5.

I do like stories like these!! Inspiring artists, full of potential and recording on basic equipment, yet achieving a sound that you can just tell is special! It’s a shame this tale didn’t end in a record deal, but keeping songs like these alive is as important as anything!! Wild Woman is a snapshot into the world unknown krautrock, indie artist and I love the way it holds its own and how it reminds me of Can!! Pass this on if you like it! Enjoy!

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