SONG OF THE DAY Robohands – Nightshade

The last few days have been frustrating and I’d reached that point in music (I sometimes do) where I can’t settle upon anything, I don’t know what I want to hear and nothing seems to hit that spot. I think trough days don’t help…but then came this.

My introduction to Andy Baxter, a.k.a Robohands, was today’s song. I’ve never heard anything else by him, but it looks as though it looks like he’s been about for at least five years, so he’s not new as such? The London-based composer and multi-instrumentalist has issued four albums, so he’s been busy!

Nightshade is taken from his most recent album, Violet, which was issued last year on Kingunderground Records. One of 12 tracks, the record is said to touch upon a range of emotions, covering a spectrum of highs and lows, all of which are conveyed through a selection of upbeat and more sombre sounds. It must be real nice to be able to express (and perhaps purge) yourself through the music you create, expelling good and bad in a way that others can communicate with on varying levels.

Nightshade has an ominous feel about it and perhaps that’s what really draws me in. Its mysterious and its shady, but these factors serve only as to promote a healthy sense of curiosity. I love the rhythm and the way melodies step in an out, offering various textures as some quiver and others tread boldly. It’s an interesting listen!

Enjoy, and if you fancy hearing more from Robohands, you can find that here.


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