SONG OF THE DAY Gitkin – East Middle Dub

Gitkin+Album+Cover-Text3Gitkin started out as an experimental recording project. I had gotten an 8 track tape machine and I wanted to make some music that didn’t sound anything like myself. Somehow almost by accident I connected to something that felt soulful and authentic. Three albums later I’m still rolling with it. Many thanks to Nico Simone and Aaron Schultz for seeing the light in that first album….” (Gitkin)

I know they say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but I’ve found an exception to that rule right here!

Gitkin’s new album cover is a serene dream of escapism and wandering, and this reflects exactly what’s inside! The colours and shades on his new record are composed of striking blues and turquoise, which offsets the glows of pink and rusty red. Depicted in the picture we see a guitar playing figure walking away from an urban sprawl, leaving behind the hive of activity as he escapes up into the hills. Perspective is immediately changed as you look down from where the figure has come from and a sense of freedom and adventure washes over just by looking at this image…..but, just you wait until you hear what’s inside!

The music is also a stunning outlet of escape and each song a path into many different directions, where the spirit is freed by open spaces and varying sonic terrains. There are many different textures unfolding here, with influences ranging from Latin (Luna Y Sol..yum), funk, dub and psychedelia. What’s also really special is how each layer seamlessly blends together, with rhythmic peaks and undulating melodic lines unravelling in what is the most scenic journey. I like how this feels both spacious and travelling!

Brooklyn-Based Brian Jay, a.k.a Gitkin, released his first album a few years back and has recently shared his latest offering. Further exploring his passion for world styles, Nowhere To Go But Everywhere was released just eleven days ago via Antifragile. I couldn’t really decide which song to feature as this is one of those albums that needs to be listened to in its entirety, from start to finish as it was I’ve pasted the whole album below!

This really nourishes and I like how it’s really chilled me out!! That’s a major feat if you know me, so thank you Gitkin!! I really enjoy how it smooths out those creases…It’s a captivating listen!


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