SONG OF THE DAY The Hidden Charms – The Hill

Secondary, 3 of 3This rough, tough and no frills sound always makes me smile; nothing like a bit of raw garage rock to greet the evening with, don’t you think?

This little stomper was released sometime in the 1960’s, I am presuming! As vague as that sounds, this is literally all I’ve got for this one!! Featured as the B-Side to Fire, a single released by a band called the Vampires (who covered this Hendrix track very well), The Hill was recorded by a band called The Hidden Charms….and what hidden charms they are!! Nothing can be found about this band!! What a bugger!!

A very cool label called Norton 800 series released this song with the Vampires track but, again, I’m not sure when. As opposed to calling it a reissue, I think this pressing was possibly the first time this song was ever cut to vinyl?? Judging by the scant notes I’ve found (mainly in the release section of this Norton 800 release) its states “Unissued Ray Vernon Production”, which would make you think that this never made it to official release..until many years later??

Interestingly though, the Ray Vernon detail is credited to the producer of the song, who just happens to be Vernon Aubrey Wray (Ray Vernon being his stage name). Vernon Ray was the brother of Link Ray and younger brother (the drummer), Doug Ray!!..which makes sense given that Hidden Charms is the name of a Link Wray song1 I love finding cool bits of information like this!!!

What I love about The Hill is that intense, hammering rhythm & its mesmerising charm. Entwined with an equally magic hypnotic looping guitar melody, both parts set the perfect backdrop for those gruff, fiery vocals. I love the way the pace changes in the chorus and how it starts to slow down as the song draws to a close….the more I listen, the more I like!!.. I hope yo enjoy!

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