SONG OF THE DAY Orions Belte – Lotus

0022274003_10Is it blues? Is it world music? Is it pop? You can choose whichever you want, it’s not important for Orions Belte to be pigeonholed. They’re playing instrumental music inspired by Nigerian 70’s rock, postcards from the French Riviera and Formula 1…”

Aptly named, Orions Belte are a three-man band whose astral projections have been far reaching and profound ever since emerged in 2018.

Hailing from Oslo, Norway, the band consists of, Chris Holm, Kim Åge Furuhaug and Øyvind Blomstrøm. When they first met the three hit it off instantly and found that this bond effortlessly transcended into their creations, which is very evident when you hear them play. Their performances are like free-flowing jam sessions and the freedom and sense of space they create, whilst all the time filling your speakers, is instantly appealing.  Their music takes inspiration from different many different sources, paying homage to artists without being constrained by the boundaries of genre. Influences such as dub, blues, soul, lo-fi psych, and 1970s Nigerian rock can be heard shimmering through these cool sounds!

The band have just released new track, Lucid Dreaming, which I’ve covered in my new release section – its well worth a listen, so if you fancy it, you can find it here. Today’s song is taken from Villa Amorini, which was the second album they released back in 2021. It’s a rhythmic dream and I love the beats very, very much, I would love to play the drums like this! The melody is also dynamic, but softer in its approach, contrasting the rhythm section wonderfully. It’s a little bit mysterious, its a little bit tense and highly melodic.

It’s a great sound and I’m also enjoying watching this live performance (see below), which was filmed on a mountain top (based in Fresvik) in Norway!! Not only do they feast your ears with their journeying sounds, but they feed the eyes with this incredible landscape! Enjoy!

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