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SONG OF THE DAY Orchestra Baobab – Mouhamadou Bamba

Named after the religious leader, Mouhamadou Bamba, Africa Baobab released an album in his memory in 1980!  Now, almost forty years after its first release and in partnership with a rejuvinated Syllart Records, Sterns have reissued this album as a … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Orchestra Baobab – Kelen Ati Leen

Orchestra Baobab formed in Dakar in the early 1970’s, introducing a unique sound that was to become an instant hit!  Fusing together Latin and African influences, the band created a very different sound which quickly became extremely popular.  Many of … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Orchestra Baobab – Foulo

The sunshine is beaming through my windows, the sky is clear blue and everything is sparkling on this fine Sunday afternoon, and I now have the perfect song to accompany this beautiful day: Orchestra Baobab’s, Faulo. The Senegalese Afro-pop legends first … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Star Band de Dakar – Guajira Ven

Sunday’s are for slowing down and taking things easy, so today I have hopefully found the perfect song to ease away any stresses and bring about some calm escapism. Originally formed to celebrate Senegal’s independence in 1960, Star Band de Dakar … Continue reading

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