“Maybe we should all just listen to records and quit our jobs.” (Jack White)


The Listening Post Blog is a venture created with the sole aim of providing an outlet for new, current and old music to be discovered and heard.

I aspire to discover the undiscovered or, at least, the less known and emerging music out there, as well as playing homage to both current and old favourites. Whatever I find, whatever sounds good and whatever I love, this is where you will find it!

Always embracing the challenge to feature music for my  Song of the Day pages  (be sure to check out archived pages too!), there will always be an eclectic collection of music to discover on my blog,  it is what drives and motivates me for there is no better feeling than the discovery of something new….and of course sharing that something new!

Another feature worth checking out is my New Release pages! Here, I will be covering new and upcoming artists/bands and their new offerings!

My tastes are varied and always evolving.  Anything from Indie to Garage, Alternative to Acoustic, Psychedelic to Hip Hop, Blues to Soul and all that ventures in between shall be played here and, whilst I like to provide background info on featured sounds, (it’s great for me to learn as I go along too), I do try to let the music do most of the talking…

Sharing is key but I always welcome feedback and interaction from you!  What do you think about music, feel free to tell me what you like, what you don’t like, or just what you think about any featured songs..

Shared and aired is the top priority!

3 Responses to About

  1. Empathy Test says:

    Have a listen to our debut song and see if it hits you like a bus, or not so much:

    We have a four track EP out 28th February 2014 which can be pre-ordered here:

    http://empathytest.band camp.com

    Thank you.


  2. En Avant La Zizique says:

    Many Thank’s and big up to your fantastic blog…I ve just discover the revue of Cleo Page…never to late to share it if don’t mind. Julien D / EALZ! records

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  3. Why thank you very much, Julien!! You are so welcome, it is my pleasure! Thank you for sharing too!
    I was hoping that “Black Man (Too Tough To Die)” would be issued digitally so that I could feature that but, alas, that is only available as a 7″ …..
    So glad you have re-issued this!
    All the best
    The Listening Post Blog 🙂


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