Boston’s Winkler releases new album: “For You, Now”

This chirpy little number introduced me to Winkler earlier today and I thought this would be the perfect time to add to my new release pages – it’s been a while, I know!

If you check out Winkler’s Bandcamp page, their tagline is pleasingly explanatory, promising …”music made in the bedroom for the bedroom...”. I like that! You know what you’re getting and this young outfit are a prime example of everything I appreciate about music! Solid creativity unleashed in a good old DIY, analog fashion, recorded on tape machines and 4-track recorders! Which always endorses my point, who needs flash production!!

Indie pop five-piece Winkler emerged in 2018 and are made up of some members from bands such as Sweet Petunia and Dino Gala – who I need to familiarise myself with! Their love for live performances, coupled with a flair for experimentation means that their psych-folk sounds are bound for exploratory adventures!

To date, they have released a few singles and, more recently, their debut full-length: For You, Now. – this came out in January! I’ve only heard one song from this album (and, indeed, their repertoire) but sometimes you get a feel for a good bunch and I like what these are about.

Call It Good Times is the song that introduced me to the band and boasts a happy innocence with those Temptations-esque My Girl guitars and sassy vocals. Lyrically, it’s wistful-yet-unruffled approach makes for an interesting listen and, as with many lyrics, make of these what you will (I’ve included them below). Though there are only 8-tracks on their debut, they are all full-bodied, well-constructed and easy-to-get-on-with songs (liking Wonderful Photography).  I’m looking forward to seeing how the music of Boston’s Wrinkler unravels!

Have a listen to Call It Good Times above and check out/purchase the whole album below! Enjoy!

Call it good times
Call it bad
Call it everything I want but never had
Call it bad times
Call it good
Call it everything I wish I said but never would
Call me a stud (hey stud)
Then crash my car (then crash my car)
I’ll be your boy it doesn’t matter who you are
I’ll be the hole (the hole)
If you can dig (if you can dig)
And let me know how life is looking from the pits

I must be somebody’s problem (you know it)
Why can’t that someone be you
I tried it once before but no one opened up the door and looked at me the way that you do

I say you good?
What’s got your goose, love?
I ask again she says something along the lines of
“Life tries to put me in a box
And once it starts it never parts it never stops”

I must be somebody’s problem (you know it)
Why can’t that somebody be you?
I feel so damn unsure I’m always coming back for more and I only hope that you want me to

I must be somebody’s angel
Somebody’s angel is me
So if I’m half the contender
that I’m pretending to be
I must be somebody’s problem
but what a problem to be
so if you need a solution
Then don’t come looking for me