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SONG OF THE DAY Jimi Hendrix – Who Knows

Well, this is one artist that doesn’t really need any introducing and one track that is MIGHTY fine!..just listen to that bass!!  I have to admit, however, that a large part of the songs appeal goes to the accompanying vocals … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY The Distortions – Smokestack Lightning

Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama The Distortions were a r&b/garage band that came together in 1962. Consisting of Robert Alexander (rhythm guitar), Ned Bibb (song writer, vocalist and lead guitar), and Bobby Marlin (drums), they started playing together as a band while … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Loma – Black Willow

With a haunting sound that conjures up a sense of hopeful desolation (the kind that takes you back to the bare basics to allow for a complete new regrowth), Loma creates a sense of expanse and anticipation through their music. … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Dollar Band – High Desert Walk

I’d never heard of LA’s Dollar Band until I stumbled upon Too Sensitive on Friday, so today I tracked down the album the song was taken from to see if the rest was as good as this track…and it most certainly … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Dollar Band – Too Sensitive

Too Sensitive is a song written and performed by Dollar Band, a new LA group featuring Dylan Sharpe and Dan Swire of Gun Outfit.    Today’s single has recently featured on the new ACLU Benefit Compilation, a 23-track album featuring a range of … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Big In Japan – Nothing Special

Emerging from Liverpool in the late 1970’s, Big In Japan were an interesting punk collective known as a supergroup, but a supergroup with a difference; that being its members only became ‘super’ after they left and went into other bands!  … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Wild Billy Childish – Not Many Of My Kind

Not Many Of My Kind is a fantastically moody,  rough-round-the-edges blues romp which sees Childish’s dour, raw hollers urging his girl to “treat me kind.” Accompanied only by a stark guitar, Childish’s lyrics hammers home just how important it is to “keep … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Night Beats – Drowning in the Nile

Seattle’s purveyors of all things psychedelic create some of the finest, heavy doses of mind-bending hazy, crazy garage-nostalgia this side of the 60’s!  Coupled with hefty measures of heavy blues and r&b, the Night Beats erupt and consume everything with … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Chuck Berry – The Downbound Train

The Downbound train was originally released in December 1955 as the B Side of Chuck Berry’s No Money Down. Driven by a relentless, fast locomotive tempo, the song hurls you onto the scorched carriage of a “train rushed on at a terrible … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Billy Childish & The Chatham Singers – I Believe

For his 2005 album, Heavens Journey, Billy Childish was joined by Wolf Howard and his wife Julie on backing vocals and bass guitar.  The Chatham Singers is another outlet for Childish’s blues work and although Billy had been playing and … Continue reading

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