Dream by name, dreamy by nature! Orions Belte release new track and it’s a steel!

First things first, I haven’t spelt ‘steel’ wrong, it was my lame attempt at a play on words, for this placid, beach-dream is an intensely rich in escapism and plays heavy on the steel guitar sound.

Lucid Dream is the latest track to be released by the Norway three-piece, Orions Belte and does not disappoint when it comes to dreamy escapism. It’s soothing melody gently laps against soft beats like the calming waves on a beach and the gentle tide of rhythm washes over with hypnotic magic. From the mountains of Norway, to the beaches of a sun-drenched haven, the steel guitar steals you away! Orions Belte have a way with the otherworldly when it comes to creating astral sounds!

I love how this band are ever-inventive and exploratory, their sound as limitless as the influences that drive them…and their inspirations are plentiful it would seem! I haven’t long discovered the band, so I’ve a couple of albums and a few tracks to catch up on, but am ever-encouraged that they have a LOT to offer.

Lucid Dream is out now on Norway’s Jansen Records and can be found here (along with the rest of their current repertoire which you can also locate via the above link). I’ve also covered another of their tracks today, which you can find here. I’m looking forward to lots more of this music! Enjoy!