Saturday 28th February    David Axelrod – Holy Thursday

David Axelrod was an American composer and producer whose music was rediscovered and sampled frequently in the mid 1990’s. This was a time when sampling in hip hop was at its peak and many hip hop producers and dj’s featured a lot of samples in their creations.

Today’s song has been sampled by various producers including The Beatnuts, Unkle and Lil Wayne.  In 2013 DJ and production duo Kon and Amir named “Holy Thursday” to be the greatest hip hop sample of all time.

David Axelrod released his debut album ‘Song Of Innocence’ in 1968 and this was to be an album of jazz fusion that incorporated elements of classical, rock, funk, pop and theatre music.  Today’s song is taken from that album

Friday 27th February     Zun Zun Egui – African Tree (Andrew Hung Hidden Sweetness Mix)

I’m really loving Andrew Hung’s, (Fuck Buttons), remix of Zun Zun Egui’s “African Tree”.  Having already produced their recently released second album, “Shackles’ Gift”, Andrew Hung has infused “African Tree” with heavy helping of marching drums and driving rhythms; something I appreciate as I very much enjoy the sound of marching snares.

In an interview speaking about the remix, Hung said: “Zun Zun Egui are a bit of a joy to remix because they have so many juxtapositions going on in their music that remixing them is just a matter of recontextualising any of those elements. Obviously I went for “Streets Of Philadelphia” meets DJ Shadow

I featured Zun Zun Egui’s first single “I Want You to Know” back in January (see 17th for more information) and am delighted to feature a second song for today’s song of the day.

Zun Zun Egui released their second album ‘Shakles Gift via ‘Bella Union on the 26th January 2015 via Bella Union, copies can be bought here:

iTunes – http://smarturl.it/ShacklesGiftCD

CD – http://smarturl.it/ShacklesGiftCD

LP – http://smarturl.it/ShacklesGiftLP

Forthcoming tour dates below:


2  – Bexhill – De La Warr Pavillion (studio)
3 – Cambridge – The Portland Arms
4 – Nottingham – Bodega
5 – Sheffield – The Harley
6 – Glasgow – Stereo
7 – York – The Fulford Arms
8 – Leeds – Brudenell Social Club
10 – Bristol – The Exchange
11 – Leicester – The Musician
12 – London – Café Oto
13 – Reading – South Street Arts
14 – Birmingham – The Sunflower Lounge

Thursday 26th February      Real Life Charm – Desire

Now based in Norwich this eight piece have recently shared their latest song, “Desire”.

Compared to the likes of Alt-J, Real Life Charm have grasped the dreamy, emotive textures of cinematic soundscapes and created their own blend of layered electronic music; the sound is well worth a listen.

More can be discovered here

Wednesday 25th February    Weirds – Off the Hook

Hearing “Off the Hook” today made me think of the great days of Kyuss, Brant Bjork and Fu Manchu, though it would appear that the great sound of this spaced out desert rock has resurfaced, returning in the form of the Weirds.

On the 13th April this neo-psych, Leeds-based band will be releasing their first single “Off the Hook” via indie label Too Pure Singles Club

Hear more on their Soundcloud page here

Today’s song is packed full of rolling drum beats and laid back verses which soon give way to monster riffs and a howling chorus, the contrast is exciting and the dynamics work a treat

Tuesday 24th February    Eels – Fresh Blood

“Hombre Lobo” (meaning Werewolf in Spanish) was to be the Eels seventh studio album released in 2009, it’s concept based on the subject of desire.

‘Fresh Blood’ was the first single released from album and is a song all about a Werewolf’s thirst for blood..nice..

Monday 23rd February     DJ Shadow – Six Days

I read today on Wikipedia that DJ Shadow’s record collection consists of over 60,000 records! I would definitely love to be left alone for few months to go through that!

Today’s song comes from his second album, The Private Press, which was released in June 2002.  The main vocal sample for this track comes from Colonel Bagshot’s 1971 “Six Day War”, with the main riff originating from the 1970 song, “I Cry in the Morning” by Dennis Olivieri; both of whom received songwriting credits on the track.

Having listened to both sampled tracks it’s great to appreciate how they have been mixed together and do marvel at Shadow’s production skills.  I particularly enjoy the additional snare drum on this track too, I could listen to that all day..

Sunday 22nd February   Willie Mae “Big Mama”  Thornton with Johnny Otis Band – I Smell a Rat

Released via Peacock Records and featuring the Johnny Otis Band

Saturday 21st February   Ali Farka Touré with Ry Cooder – Ai Du

The Grammy-award winning album ‘Talking Timbuktu’ was first released back in 1994 but is due to be reissued as a limited edition 2LP and will become available to buy this Monday.

The collaboration of Malian guitarist Ali Farka Toure and American guitarist/producer Ry Cooder created this album and brings together the traditional sounds of Malian folk music with that of the blues, where echoes of past artists such as John Lee Hooker can be heard throughout.

Today’s song was taken off that album and is one of my favourite songs, I love the laid back blues guitar and trance-like vocals…

Friday 20th February     Romare – Motherless Child

It’s amazing what you can discover when fishing around in pursuit of something to please the ears, today my new discovery has introduced me to Romare.

For a full review and the interesting facts behind this new single, go to my review page here

Thursday 19th February    Miss Roisin Murphy – Gone Fishing

Former singer with indie/electronic duo Moloko, Roisin Murphy is back after a break of nearly eight years and has just released the lead single ‘Gone Fishing’ from her forthcoming album.  For more information, go to my review page here

Wednesday 18th February    The Amazing Snakeheads – Can’t Let You Go

For anyone who already loves The Amazing Snakeheads, news of their latest single ‘Can’t Let You Go’ will be nothing new.

Released on December 1st 2014 and produced by Clive Langer (Madness, The Teardrop Explodes, Elvis Costello, Morrissey), this track was recorded in London to coincide with their 2014 UK tour and was their first release since their debut album early last year.

With no deviation from the blazing blues-infused garage rock of ‘Amphetamine Ballads’, this single continues with that same stark madness that we blissfully gained from their debut album.

 Tuesday 17th February     C Duncan – For (Solo acoustic live)

Today’s song is an acoustic live version of C Duncans debut single ‘For’, (the original version which was released as a free mp3 download in November 2014 can be heard here.).

This track was recently recorded to accompany the arrival of his second single ‘Say’, which became available yesterday and can be heard here

Both singles have a feel of effortless escapism, with inspirations from sources such as choral music and dream-pop taking on their own forms in his music.  ‘Say’ sits neatly alongside ‘For’ as both songs drifts along with a lighthearted gentleness, both written with thoughts of “being consumed by the bustle of city life,” Christopher says, “and wanting to run away from it.”

Christopher wrote and recorded his album alone in his Glasgow flat on a bedroom studio setup and is due to release his debut LP sometime this summer.

Read my full review here:https://thelisteningpostblog.wordpress.com/2015/01/19/c-duncan-deput-lp-sometime-in-2015/

Monday 16th February     Jack White – Blue Light, Red Light (Someone’s There)

Jack White has recently announced a new 7″ release for his Lazaretto single, ‘That Black Bat Licorice’ and today’s song is the B-side from that single, a cover of Harry Connick Jr’s ‘Blue Light, Red Light (Someone’s There)’.

I have to admit that I had not heard the original so I made it my first mission to familiarise myself with that.  Harry Connick Jr co-wrote this song and released it on his multi-platinum 1991 album Blue Light, Red Light.  This version is a smooth, big band experience where the crisp tap-tapping of the ride cymbal and smooth clasp of the high-hat are escorted through the song by the skulking bass; Connick’s vocals are sleek and polished.

Jack White has put his own unmistakable mark on this cover and, where the original features various brass instruments and the double bass, White’s modern counterparts comprise of the electric base and distorted guitar; but by no means is the essence of this song lost, it has been reborn with great gusto, I love it!

The single is available digitally February 17 and physically February 23rd on                        Third Man Records.

Sunday 15th February    Wanda Jackson – Funnel of Love

Wanda Jackson wrote and recorded this catchy little song way back in 1960 where it was released a year later as a B-side to the major country-pop single, ‘Right or Wrong’.  Although the song never independently became a hit from the A-side, it has received notable critical acclaim and attention.  It’s unique combination of country, rock and blues made increased its popularity and many consider this single to be one of Jackson’s finest vocal performances.

Thank goodness for great friends with very good musical taste that play music to you in their car is all I can say.  I love this track..

Saturday 14th February    Villagers – Courage

Music presents itself in many different ways, today it was to be from my father who introduced me to The Villagers after he had heard their new single ‘Courage’ on the radio.

I hadn’t heard of the Villagers before but was more than happy to to be drawn into this delightful, insightful and beautifully haunting song.  It is a pearl of wisdom encapsulated into four and a half minutes of musing reflection, accompanied by the gentle draw of the chorus’ hook which clings to you as you find yourself humming it over.  Connor O’Brien delivers his dreamy sentiment in such a heartfelt way, his vocals reminiscent of Devendra Banhart and Sparklehorse.

Today’s song is taken from the new album “Darling Arithmetic” which will be released on the 13th of April via Domino Records

Friday 13th February     Jack Name – Running After Ganymede

For full review, click here

Today’s song begins with the howling of a wolf, soon joined by brooding synths and a driving beat that is reminiscent of a Gary Newman or Joy Division track.  Accompanied by its looping Psyche-Pop riff it also sounds like something a Terminator would chase you too!

Released via Castle Face Records todays song was taken from “Weird Moons” which came out 20th January this year and can be purchase from here: http://castlefacerecords.co.uk/?user_location=EU

Thursday 12th February   “Chan Chan” by Compay Segundo, plus another version by Orquestra Buena Vista Social Club featuring Eliades Ochoa

After featuring Snooks Eaglin’s marvelous cover of the Cuban song ‘Malaguena’ the other day I ordered a copy of it on Cd, it arrived this morning and I have played it non stop ever since.

This gave a taste for all things Cuban which then made me think of the fantastic song ‘Chan Chan’.  ‘Chan Chan’ is a son composition by Cuban bandleader Compay Segundo and a son is a style of music and dance that originated in Cuba, gaining worldwide popularity in the 1930’s.  Son combines the structure of Spanish canción and the Spanish guitar with African rhythms and percussion instruments of Bantu origin.

The Cuban son is one of the most influential and widespread forms of Latin American music, its derivatives and fusions, especially salsa, have spread across the world

‘Chan Chan” was one of Compay Segundo’s last compositions and was written in 1987 where, after having already been recorded at various times by the composer himself, the song only gained worldwide success with a version Compay and other Cuban artists Elian Ochoa and Ibrahim Ferrer recorded on the album Buena Vista Social Club.

Compay Segundo went on to say this about the song:

“I didn’t compose Chan Chan, I dreamt it. I dream of music. I sometimes wake up with a melody in my head, I hear the instruments, all very clear. I look over the balcony and I see nobody, but I hear it as if it was played on the street. I don’t know what it can be. One day I woke up hearing those four sensitive notes, I gave them a lyric inspired by a children’s tale from my childhood, Juanica y Chan Chan, and you see, now it’s sung everywhere.”…

…why can’t I have those kind of dreams!?

I couldn’t choose which version of ‘Chan Chan’ to feature today so I happily used both!!

The original:

Orquestra Buena Vista Social Club featuring Eliades Ochoa:

Wednesday 11th February   Grizzly Bear –   Gun-shy

I always listen to my ipod on shuffle and, when this track came on today, I listened to it a few times over as I have done so many times before.

It’s one of those songs that holds some kind of mystical quality for me and no matter how many times I hear it, I’m transfixed.  I’m there in the song, it’s haunting and reflective feel is so tangible..

‘Gun-Shy’ can be found on the 2012 album, Shields

Tuesday 10th February   Other Lives – Reconfiguration

It’s been over two years since the Oklahoma trio Other Lives released their last EP, and nearly four years since an album release.  This year, however, they are due to release a brand new LP ‘Rituals’, after announcing a release date for it on May 4th via TBD records.

According to a press release, the album themes were developed during a transitional period where the bands relocation to Portland, Oregon played a major part in it’s development.

Today’s song is the lead single from their forthcoming album and re-routes the bands original folk-based direction as they now stride down a path of experimental exploration, a good sign of things to come.  ‘Reconfiguration’ seems a perfect song to mark their return, their lyrics stating how, ‘I live in the present, I will fear no future’.  The future is looking progressive…

Monday 9th February   Dorthia Cottrell – Oak Grove

Venturing away from her band ‘Windhand’, Dorthia Cottrell is about to release her debut solo album which is due out via Forcefield Records on March 3rd.

Taken from this new album is today’s song ‘Oak Grove’ which, with its Snake-like guitar riffs and swirling vocals, is a track that instantly entwines you into its tense and enticing grip.

Cottrell’s vocals add to the seduction where she claims, ‘Im the kind of girl who needs a devil in a man to satisfy me’, stating that ‘god is not my problem, god is not my problem but my flesh is weak’; the draw is in the temptation.

I love the fact that Dorthia Cottrell reminds me of Mark Lanegan and can only wonder what a pairing of this kind would sound like..

Sunday 8th February   Snooks Eaglin – Malaguena

In 1928 ‘Malaguena’ was written by Cuban composer Ernesto Lecuona, its lyrics originally written in Spanish.  Since then it has become a popular jazz, blues and marching band standard with the lyrics being transferred to several different languages.

In 1959 the New Orleans-based blues guitarist and singer Snooks Eaglin covered this track, also recording another blues version titled ‘Funky Malaguena’ a few years later.

Today’s song is the 1959 recording and, after waking up to it today, I really wanted to share and feature this great take on a Cuban classic.

Saturday 7th February    Shopping – Long Way Home

East London post-punk trio Shopping released their debut album ‘Consumer Complaints’ back in November 2013 on Milk Records and this single came from this album.

Friday 6th February    Calexico – Cumbia de Donde

All good things come to those who wait and that is most certainly the case with Calexico.  They have returned with a brand new album ‘Edge of the Sun’ which is due for release in April this year.  It is to be the first release following their 2012 Algiers and 2013 live Spititoso album and features today’s song of the day ‘Cumbia de Donde’.

Encapsulating everything I love about Calexico, this single delivers their trademark Latin sounds combining with it their dark, indie rock and country roots.

There are 1000 copies of Calexico 7″ available via Rough Trade, all released with a hand stamped sleeve and label. They can be purchased from here

Thursday 5th February   Stalking Horse – Calling Shotgun

Read more on my review page here

Follow link for free download of new single

Wednesday 4th February  Darren Mcgrath – Angel In Disguise

The beauty of searching for new things is that you never know what you are going to find, that’s the charm and that’s the constant draw.

Today I stumbled upon Darren Mcgrath.  As of yet all I can tell you is that he is a Liverpool-based singer/songwriter. His music perches somewhere between acoustic blues and folk, with a large portion of psychedelia thrown in for good measure.

In January this year he released a 5-track EP titled Distant Light which, with it’s heady, dreamy and atmospheric feel,  reminds me of The Verve’s debut album ‘A Storm In heaven’.  This music possesses a raw, unpolished quality which allows you to anticipate the potential of this artist whilst throughly enjoying his creations as they are now.  You can listen to it here:  https://darrenmcgrath.bandcamp.com/album/distant-light-ep

‘Angel In Disguise’ is today’s song of the day and possesses a more tense, edgy and grungy feel to it.  Featuring on the brand new ‘Lost Inside A Dream’ EP set for release this month, this track is driven only by the guitar, vocals and a tambourine, its appeal is in its basic and stripped down structure.

Follow link to listen: https://soundcloud.com/darren-mcgrath-1/angel-in-disguise-new-song

Tuesday 3rd February    Kings of The South Seas – Eight Bells

After hearing this track on Radio 6 earlier today I couldn’t get it out of my head, it’s hook captured me and reeled me in! So I chose to feature ‘Eight Bells’ as today’s song of the day.

Kings of The South Seas released their debut album last November and are a folk trio led by singer Ben Nicholls.  Inspired by tales of historical whaling expeditions, they have created a modern take on the traditional sounding sea shanty and bring to life all of the early 19th century tales in their own style and merge of musical influences

Mixed and produced by John Parish, (Eels, Tracy Chapman), Kings of The South Seas recorded this album in three days during the summer of 2014. With hints of Mark Lanegan and Nick Cave in his voice, Ben Nicholls’ baritone vocals have the clarity to relay these tales in a way in which captivates.

‘Eight Bells’ is a fine blend of classic folk and old traditions, its nautical tale brought forward into the modern day by its wistful concertina, reverb guitar and locomotive, jazzy percussion (which I particularly enjoyed)..

Monday 2nd February     Fat White Family  – Auto Neutron

No matter how weird and messed up a day can get, I dare say it will never be as crazy as this lot!

Opening track on debut album, ‘Champagne Holocaust’, out for a good couple of years now but Auto Neutron is one good song..

Sunday 1st February   Wand – Flying Golem

Wand are a LA-based four-piece whose debut ‘Ganglion Reef’ came out in August last year.  Signed by Ty Segall to his own label Drag City imprint, GOD?Records, they are set to release their second album in April this year which can be Pre-ordered  here

Hovering somewhere between the jingly-jangly, acid-buzzed, soft sounds of the 60’s their sound often shifts up a gear staying into the realms of the more chaos-filled garage punk-rock sounds of that era.  An effective contrast which coaxes you into it’s soft, flattering mellow trip before sucking you into a full-blown, kaleidoscopic, musical whirlwind

Today’s song is taken from their debut album, ‘Flying Golum’ and, accompanied by its mind-bending video, makes for a compelling watch

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