Latest single from London’s Chelou is “Real” dreamy! (1/9/20)

The ethereal qualities of Camden-based artist, Chelou first captured my attention nearly five years ago and ever since then I’ve had the pleasure of following his progress as his music continues to bewitch and enchant.

His name derives from a French expression used to describe something that is mysterious, weird and unknown, and for the early part of his musical career, that is exactly how he remained.  But even though his identity was shrouded in mystery in the early days, one thing has remained constant throughout and that is how he opens up through his lyrics. Words reach out and connect and through expressive songwriting and often intimate lyrics, he offers up his heart and soul.

Latest single, Real, really reached out to me.  There is not a soul in this world who does not get bombarded and buried by anxieties from time to time.  Your mind is consumed by these notions and fear opens up a dark place where weakness become strong and dominant.  Lyrics observe how, “My worries they ain’t real/Exist inside my head and keep me up all night/My feelings don’t come freely/I lie awake and contemplate how could have been/No good comes from looking back…..”

With an overthinking mind Chelou goes onto describe how, “my madness needs no name/a darker shade of grey that makes me act that way…..” I like how he identifies irrational thoughts as “my madness,” for even though we all experience anxiety/worry, how it comes out and how we interpret it can be so unique.  I’ve spent far too many hours burdened by my own troubles, haunted by how they have made me act towards others.  If your mind has a tendency to stray into darker realms, this song is here to remind you that you are not alone.  The shapes inside your head may differ, but what they are made out of is universal.  Chelou combines dreamy music with heartfelt lyrics  and Real is what you get! Check it out above, watch the accompanying video below and if you like what you hear, order yourself a copy from here.