SONG OF THE DAY Tricky – The Only Way

What really sold this song to me today was its tortured melody, strange as that may seem to be drawn to something a little dark and gloomy, but this song does it so well and the melancholy is tangible.  This reminds me of the old Tricky stuff from the 90’s with its raw, gripping, stripped-down-bluesy sound and I’m liking it a lot.

Two days ago Tricky shared a new single called The Only Way which, according to the man himself, is meant to be a nod to the 1995 Maxinquaye-era of his career, even going so far as to describe The Only Way as Hell Is Round The Corner Part 2; no wonder my initial thoughts were “this sounds like early Tricky!”

Built upon delicately orchestrated strings and prominent blues piano, this song is fragile and understated, with Tricky’s vocals tender and wistful.  All the makings of a song that wouldn’t be at all out-of-place on Maxinquaye which, to this day remains one of my all time favourite albums.

Recorded in Moscow late last year, Tricky had this to say of the song:

A few years ago I’d have said I ain’t doing this because it sounds like me.  I’ve always had a punk rock attitude: I don’t give a fuck if you like Maxinquaye, I ain’t doing another Maxinquaye.  Now I’m a bit more comfortable giving people what they want sometimes.”

 The Only Way was is now available via Tricky’s own label imprint, False Idols (via !K7 Music) and can be purchased from here.

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SONG OF THE DAY Kologbo – Don’t Mind Them

The vibrant life of guitar legend Oghene Kologbo began in Nigeria, 1957.  Born to the famous highlife musician Joe King Kologbo, Oghene became involved in music as a teenager.  It was at this age that he began performing with the revolutionary Afrobeat master, Fela Kuti and went on to record more than 50 records with his band, Africa 70.

Kologbo was also Fela’s personal assistant and ” human tape recorder,” a job that required him to memorise all of the melodies Fela would sing to him so that he could teach them to the band at their rehearsals!  In 1978, after a show at the Berlin Jazz Festival, Kologbo left the band (along with Tony Allen and a few others) and stayed in Berlin.

In the 1980’s and 1990’s, Kologbo worked with the legendary but short-lived Roots Anabo, also touring and recording with King Sunny Ade, Tony Allen and Brenda Fosse, among many others.  In 2005 Kologbo began working with the Afrobeat Academy (Berlin’s heaviest afrobeat ensemble) which later on morphed into Ebo Taylor’s and then Pat Thomas’ backing bands.  Three years later he moved to France to join Tony Allen on tenor guitar and after nearly a year playing and teaching Afrobeat in Brazil, Kologbo came back to France to work on his new record, Africa is the Future.

Produced by Loik Dury and Grant Phabao from the Paris DJs label/mediae, this album features an array of interesting contributing artists including the likes of, Tony Allen, singer Pat Thomas, deejay Joseph Cotton, singer Ayo and horn players from the Afrobeat Academy.

Africa is the Future looks set to be the first album of many from Kologbo’s new project, and although the bad news is that this will not be available until September, the good news is that he has already shared a gloriously lively track called, Don’t Mind Them.  Listen to this above and pre-order your copy of the album from here.

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SONG OF THE DAY Tom Waits – Gun Street Girl

I love the sound of the banjo, especially when it comes to today’s song.  In all its stark and haunting glory, Gun Street Girl is a tale of love gone wrong, where the ruggedness of Waits’ vocals are wonderfully contrasted by a soft and bittersweet melody.

Taken from Tom Waits’ 1985 masterpiece, Rain Dogs, this song was recorded with Waits singing & playing banjo, backed by Greg Cohen on upright bass & Michael Blair playing percussion on iron bars….what more can I say, it’s just lovely! Listen above.

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SONG OF THE DAY Bjørn Torske & Prins Thomas – Arthur

Whist browsing through some new music today, I was intrigued by a description that read: “scintillating soundscapes punctuated by throbbing drums!”  Driven by rhythm and always a sucker for a good beat (I dare say I’ve mentioned that a few times now) I was curious to hear what this was all about!

Norwegian duo Bjørn Torske and Prins Thomas began making music together over 20 years ago, but their first collaborative studio session in Bergen, Norway didn’t go to plan and sadly resulted in a distorted tape only.  Recently the pair have reunited to pick up where they left off and this time it’s sounding good,  real good!

Bjørn Torske is a figurehead the electronic music scene in Norway, inspiring and laying the foundation for producers like Prins Thomas, Lindstrøm and Todd Terje.  Torske and Thomas’s relationship goes back to the mid 90’s when they first bonded over a shared passion for oddball disco, dub and Detroit techno.

Their forthcoming album, Square One, is to be their first collaborative album and completes their cycle of cosmic inspiration and education.  According to their Bandcamp page, Square One is a collection of ‘loose, abstract and free-form avant-disco jams and a  labour of love that shares a sound both Torske and Thomas have continuously adventured towards. Here they finally are, at square one.’ 

Loose and abstract describes first single, Arthur, perfectly, unveiling a glimpse of what’s in store with Square One.  This music is absorbing, fascinating and mysterious, neither understated or overstated, but finely balanced and calming, resonating on many different sonic layers.  Listen above.

Read more about the making of Square One and pre-order your copy from Bjørn and Prins Bandcamp page here. 

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SONG OF THE DAY Restless Leg Syndrome – Here For good


Now here’s an exciting discovery that I am very happy to share with you today!  Restless Leg Syndrome are a hip hop-based musical team from Austria consisting of longtime DJ/producer d.b.h and the two turntable wizards Chrisfader and Testa.  Over the last decade the trio have been making a name for themselves as producers as well as splitting most of the national DJ championships between each other,

The group launched their joint project in 2011, explaining their title by claiming that, ‘although it might cause a similar urge, the Restless Leg Syndrome we’re talking about here is of a less harmful nature’.  The concept behind their joint-venture is quite simple: Take an old genre of music, sample and flip it into dancefloor-ready beats, from HipHop to House.

a3239560422_10On the 26th of this month Restless Leg Syndrome will release a brand new album titled, Rooted, which will be coming at ya via the Austrian indie label, Duzz Down San .

Their first single from their upcoming record is called Rooted and I’m loving everything about it; from the upbeat melody to the swinging beats, the funky scratching to the gloriously rhythmic vocals, this track gets a massive thumbs up from the LP Blog!…oh yeah, I also have to mention how much I am admiring the artwork too which was created by Lukas Goller!! Listen above.


Here For Good is available to buy now from Restless Leg Syndrome’s Bandcamp page, where you can also pre-order your copy of Rooted.  Get those here. 

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SONG OF THE DAY Jordan Rakei – Sorceress

It’s been bleak day all round really, what with one thing or another so I desperately need a slice of sunshine to take the sharp edge off it all….. Lucky for me I found this ray of brightness which has delivered me from a total bleak-out!

Jordan Rakei is a Brisbane-born and London-based multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer whose sound blends groove-based R&B, jazz and hip-hop together with his soulful vocals, creating a very unique take on modern soul.

Recently signed to Ninja Tune, the label have described how his “distinct take on soul captures a sonic and emotional awareness many artists spend their entire careers chasing.”  

Releasing his stunning debut album, Cloak last year, the young talented 25-year-old has today shared a brand new single titled, Sorceress, explaining how “It’s about how the ego can fully control the way you act and perceive life” ….there was certainly magic in the air when I first played this!

Opening with warm shades of silky smooth vocals and intricate drums, this track really reached out to me today, offering a much-needed escape from the chaos.  Sometimes you can’t put your finger on what it is about a song that reaches in and nourishes you, but this song has done just that and from the very first few seconds I just knew that Sorceress was going to stand out, its gorgeous!…. Check it out above.

Now available, purchase your copy of Sorceress from here. 

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SONG OF THE DAY Frankie Seay & The Soul Riders ‎– Soul Food

If you ever happen to stumble upon a copy of this single, grab it and run, I’ve just been looking it up and the average price it seems to be fetching is a whopping £600-£800!!

Originally released in 1969 by Frankie Seay & The Soul Riders, “Soul Food” has one of the funkiest introductions you will ever hear! With its striking groove and big, meaty beats, it’s no wonder DJ Shadow has sampled this mighty sound!

This glorious funk/soul instrumental was initially released by Tropical Records in the late 60’s but, more recently, has been reissued by Galaxy Sound Company, a label dedicated to searching for lost and obscure vinyl!  I love the beats! Check it out above…

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SONG OF THE DAY Dove Lady – 7777

Experimental D.C duo, Jeremy Ray and Andrew Thawley, aka Dove Lady, are to release their debut album later this month via Inflated Records and DZ Tapes.  One is to be their first full-length offering and follows in the footsteps of last year’s EP, ‘D.’  Speaking to Goldflake Paint  in an interview recently, the band had this to say of their new album:

“In essence, One is about accepting and forgiving one’s self for all of life’s mistakes; it is a sonic representation of moving on from the past and into the present.”

‘7777’ is the albums opening track, kicking it off with a roaring surge of thundering guitars, boisterous drums and high-energy vocals. What I also like about this track are the unexpected moments of contrast that have been tucked away its musical sleeve, where the song slides into a slower-paced lull, with bendy notes and a dreamy hue, delivering calm amidst the melodic chaos.  Listen above.

Releasing on June 23rd, you can pre-order your copy of One from here. 


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SONG OF THE DAY The Craig – I Must Be Mad

The Craig were a garage-rock, mod-style band from Birmingham who came together in the mid 60’s.

The group developed from R&B line-up, The King Bees (formerly The Castaways) and consisted of members Carl Palmer on drums ( who later became a member of prog-rock superstars, Emerson, Lake & Palmer), Jeff Brown on lead vocals, Richard King on guitar and Len Cox on bass.

I Must Be Mad was a single released in 1966 on Fontana Records which is now regarded by many as one of the earliest and best British psychedelic/rock tracks of the 1960’s.  One listen and you will see why! Built upon a basic yet effective heavy guitar and bass riff, the recording featured high-energy bluesy vocals and rocking drums to match! Check it out above.

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SONG OF THE DAY Shitkid – Alright

ShitKid is the project of 24-year-old Åsa Söderqvist who made her debut last spring with her self-titled debut EP, a release that quickly propelled her into being one of the most talked about new acts in Sweden

Covering this young artist in a post I did last week (for the full review, see my page here), Shitkid’s brand new album, Fish, has been released today via Sweden’s PNKSLM Recordings and, as described on her Bandcamp page, ‘offers up a sound that’s clearer than the lo-fi murkiness of the debut EP but still very much the opposite to the slick pop dominating the musical landscape today’.

Writing, producing and recording her own music has given Asa’s sound is both experimental and unique, not to mention very catchy and extremely likeable! Today’s song is taken from her latest album and, just as the title declares, is a bit of “Alright.”  Listen above.

Grab yourself a copy of Fish from Åsa’s Bandcamp page here. 

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