SONG OF THE DAY John Lee Hooker – Country Boy

Such a low-down slinky track!  Today’s song always chills me out! I sit back, slow down and let it wash over me (which is always a good thing if you find relaxing as taxing as I do!)

Country Boy was written and performed by John Lee Hooker and appears on his Never Get Out Of These Blues Alive album which was released in 1972.  Recorded from September 28th through to September 29th 1971, this album also features Van Morrison, Elvin Bishop,  Charlie Musselwhite, and Steve Miller.

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SONG OF THE DAY Jack White – Respect Commander

This is the third time I have revisited this track and I’m still sitting here a little shell-shocked three listens in!  The contrast of chaos and calm is intriguing and this song keeps you guessing right from the start!  Even if this isn’t your cup of tea, I’d wager you’ll see this one through til the end just to see how it plays out!

Nice one Jack White, you have created a buzz of seemingly random sounds which all seamlessly piece together in a gloriously unpredictable and fascinating way!  This song starts with such a steady, slick beat and then accelerates into a crazed, fast-paced section which suddenly drops once again about a minute and a half in allowing this sleazy, bluesy riff to emerge from the ashes of the flaming intro… The transition between electro, rock and blues defies common structure and the erratic change between these styles shouldn’t work but it does….it really does!

Respect Commander is one of the first songs from Jack Whites brand new forthcoming record, Boarding House Reach.  This album is to be White’s third solo album and is to be released via his Third Man Records label on March 23rd and follows 2014’s Lazaretto.

According to a press release, the record finds White “expanding his musical palate with perhaps his most ambitious work thus far, a collection of songs that are simultaneously timeless and modern.” The album is also said to explore “a remarkable range of sonic terrain – crunching rock ‘n’ roll, electro and hard funk, proto punk, hip hop, gospel blues, and even country – all remapped and born anew to fit White’s matchless vision and sense of restless experimentation”.

Along with Respect Commander Jack White has also shared Connected By Love which you can listen to  here.  Listen above.

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SONG OF THE DAY Sam Moss – The Ocean

A couple of days ago I stumbled upon the music of Boston singer-songwriter, Sam Moss and have since been checking out his back catalogue.  Known for his distinct style of guitar playing, his delicate finger picking adds many a tuneful texture to his Americana-influenced style and today’s song demonstrates that perfectly.

Ocean is the opening track Moss’ 2013 album No Kingdom album and, true to its name, possesses a wild-yet-graceful quality, rising and falling on a tide of crescendoing guitars and stirring vocals..gentle, calm and yet powerfully unpredictable.  Listen above.

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SONG OF THE DAY Dick Stusso – Modern Music

Oakland singer-songwriter Nick Russo, a.k.a Dick Stusso, has recently announced his forthcoming second album In Heaven, which will be released on Friday 2nd March via Hardly Art Records.

First single Modern Music is an apt introduction to Dick Stusso who has been described by Hardly Art as an “existentialist cowboy character inhabited by Bay Area songwriter Nic Russo.”  The single is instantly likeable in a laid-back, groove-laden kind of way and cruises along at a relaxed pace with the good-natured lyrics of Stusso casually revealing how “I’m a modern guy, moving in to darkness in to full speed.  Nobody wants to look at the dark and I don’t blame them”.  All he wants is a “good time and a little cash” …a man after my own heart! Check out the new single/video above.

In Heaven is out Friday, March 2nd on LP, CD, digital and cassette, and follows Dick Stusso’s 2015’s acclaimed double EP Nashville Dreams/Sings The Blues.  Pre-orders are available now.

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SONG OF THE DAY Sam Moss – Flowers

There is something about this song that reminds me of Sun Kil Moon’s Bird Of Films, I think it’s the gentle rhythm and soothing flow, but that something is also uniquely and instantly enchanting and from the minute this song started, I was fixated.

Sam Moss is a singer-songwriter from Boston whose music captures the spirit of Americana through his distinct style and magnetic storytelling.  Moss’s melodies drape themselves dreamily over finger picked guitar, weaving together dream-like,  vivid images in his potent spellbinding songs.

Flowers is the first single from Sam Moss’ forthcoming LP  Neon, which is due at the beginning of March.  Not yet familiar with his other works, this song is my first introduction to Sam Moss and I am so delighted to be acquainted with his music.  His voice is delicate and familiar, his guitar playing is mesmerising and I am really rather taken by his sound..simple as that! Listen above.

Pre-order Neon and check out Sam Moss’ back catalogue (which goes back to 2011) on his Bandamp page here. 

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SONG OF THE DAY Here Lies Man – So Far Away

What if Black Sabbath played Afrobeat?…………….

This question is tantalizingly posed on Here Lies Man’s bio page and gloriously put into action in their fuzzed out afrorock compositions!  Here Lies Man are an L.A-based quintet founded and conceptualised by Marcos Garcia of Antibalas (which is evident in this sound if you are already familiar with Antibalas?..if not, check them out on my page here)

Incorporating his wealth of experience in West African rhythms and music, Marcos Garcia masterfully fuses this together with the more riff-based foundations of heavy rock and what you get is an incredibly catchy and refreshing twist on classic forms!  Incorporating the rhythmic talents of drummer Geoff Mann (son of jazz musician Herbie Mann) together with a host of skilled musicians, Garcia’s vision has become a working and evolving reality!  This sound is exciting and intriguing and its construction has been carefully detailed by Garcia who explains, “The repetitive guitar figures that happen in Afrobeat music are very close to heavy rock guitar riffs.  This music is based on the clave. It’s the musical algorithm that the rhythms revolve around. It’s what gives it integrity and provides the basis for the musical conversation that’s happening. I knew I wanted it to be psychedelic and heavy, and I wanted to be expanding on a musical tradition rather than pretending to be creating something new.”

Here Lies Man’s self-titled debut album was released in April last year via RidingEasy Records and even though I’ve only just discovered this and given a brief listen I’m liking this a whole lot already!  So Far Away was the first Here Lies Man track that I heard and the song that drew me in with hypnotic beat and cosmic sonic melody..if music was a drug, this track would pack an intoxicating hit! Listen above and check out/purchase the rest of the album here. 

Here Lies Man are touring the UK this Spring! Check out dates here. 

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SONG OF THE DAY Man.Goes Human – Moonglasses

It was just over two years ago that I first featured the lo-fi Indie-rock sounds of Delhi-based outfit, Man.Goes Human, but had you asked without me checking, I would’ve said that they emerged sometime last year!!…how time flies!

No longer in their infancy, this young band emerged in 2012 are making headway with music that is defined by their experimental, DIY approach as they embed a healthy dose of noir into their music, focusing on intense lyrics, emotive vocals and a stage presence to match.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Led Zeppelin, Jeff Buckley and J.J Cale to name but a few, this band consists of Paul on vocals, Noni on guitars, Anhad on drums and Shitij on bass.

At the end of November last year Man.Goes Human released their latest EP, Moonglasses via Honest Indian Recordings (Studio Fuzz).  The 3-track takes inspiration from old blues and takes on an emotive, stirring feel whilst blending in various other genres (as this band so often and so smoothly does).   The EP’s title track starts with a lonesome guitar melody, quickly joined by the warm layering of another guitar, soon followed by haunting vocals that spend the vast majority of the song elegantly soaring high on pitch-perfect, drawn-out notes that envelope with their warming tones.  Listen above.

Order yourself a copy of Moonglasses from here. 

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SONG OF THE DAY Holly Golightly – Seven Wonders

2015 saw Holly Golightly’s first solo album release in 11 years after working hard as one half of the blues/Americana duo Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs (The Brokeoffs being multi-instrumentalist Lawyer Dave).

Though the last decade has seen the London-born singer relocate from the Medway delta to the southern state of Georgia, USA, in 2015 she returned to the UK to record Slowtown Now.  Her returning solo project was recorded at London’s Gizzard Studios with Ed Deegan at the controls and features 12 songs performed with the band line-up of Bruce Brand (drums), Matt Radford (double bass), Ed Deegan (guitar) and Bradley Burgess (guitar).

Opening track Seven Wonders is a cracking way to start an album…and the following 11 tracks are just as great!! Listen above.


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SONG OF THE DAY Sir Guy & Rocking Cavaliers – Funky Virginia

Clarence Sir Guy Barron (a.k.a Sir Guy) got his first break with a group called The Visions in the late 60’s.  Releasing his debut 45 on the S.P.Q.R. label in 1967, the years that followed saw some of his most genuine masterpieces released, including the single Sir Guy remains best known for, Funky Virginia.  This glorious slice of fast-paced funk first appeared on D.P.G Records as the b-side to Sir Guy’s 1969 single My Sweet Baby, but in 2014 this song featured on a Tramp Records compilation called The Story of Lenis Guess, an album that paid tribute to the D.P.G label founder, Lenis Guess.

In January 2015 Tramp Records also reissued My Sweet Baby/Funky Virginia as a single, but if it’s the original 45 your seek, these are few and far between and are still fetching in the regions of £75+ !!  Listen above.

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SONG OF THE DAY Chick Willis — Sometimes Soon

If it wasn’t for the hard work of labels such like Germany’s Tramp Records, so much good music would simply disappear in obscurity and that would surely be a tragedy!  This is why labels that dedicate their time to reissuing and rediscovering lost and forgotten gems should be greatly revered and for this Tramp Records, I salute you!

2018 sees Tramp records celebrating their “40th trip around the sun” and to help kick off the festivities the label are to release the ninth volume of their “Movements” series on 2nd February.  Over a hundred great unknown songs have been re-released on the first eight volumes in the “Movements” series, the majority of which can not be found elsewhere and Vol. 9 is no exception.   As with their other 8 previous volumes, this new record is brimming with Rare Groove nuggets that were recorded between the early 1960’s and 1970’s and when they say rare, they mean rare! The fact that only “one of the songs on this album appears anywhere else is a jaw-dropping phenomenon” and this is a fact that Tramp Records are happy to boast about!

Chick Willis’ funk/soul corker, Sometime Soon appears on Tramp’s forthcoming “Movements” record and offers just over five minutes of gorgeous, heart-wrenching, soul-filled anguish which tenderly spills over with melodic brass sections, funky riffs and the soulful, anguished vocals of Robert Willis, a.k.a Chick Willis.  Check it out above and pre-order your copy of the latest “Movements” volume from here. 


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