SONG OF THE DAY Lion – You’ve Got a Woman

Sitting in my kitchen today staring out at the heavy rain had me craving for some brightness and today’s song turned out to be that little ray of sunshine I needed!

Numero Group’s eccentric 45 series has just reissued this rare soul track by the Dutch soul-funk duo, Lion.  You’ve Got a Woman was originally released in 1975 on the Phillips label as the b-side to the single, But I do and has a really upbeat feel that warms you with glistening vocals and vibrant syncopated beats.

This track, alongside another edit, is available now and can be purchased from here.  You may also be interested to discover that indie rockers, Whitney have recently covered this song, releasing it this June via Secretly Canadian! Check out their version below and the original above.

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SONG OF THE DAY the Ar-Kaics – No Good (demo)

When Daptone Records introduced WICK Records as their new subsidiary rock label in 2015, I was thrilled and have kept a close eye on all of their releases ever since.  One band that caught my attention at the end of last year was The Ar-Kaics.

Creating a classic raw, garage punk sound, The Ar-Kaics most definitely know how to rock and their music has been rolling for a few years now with what looks to be one of their earliest releases back in 2013.

Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, The Ar-Kaics signed to Wick Records last year, releasing their first single Just My Life  last October.  Today I’ve been checking out some of the band’s early releases (pre-Daptone) and there are lots worth checking out!

In 2013 the band released a self titled  demo album and this is where I’ve found today’s song! The track was later featured on their debut LP which was released in the Summer of 2014, but it’s the rawness of the demo version that I really love!  No Good is just over three minutes of unpolished snarling psych guitars, fleshy beats and roaring vocals.  Check it out above and also check out Sick and Tired below; this is a joint favourite from the album so I’m sharing both!

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SONG OF THE DAY Jackie Shane – Cruel Cruel World

Well, Jackie Shane may have found the world a cruel, cruel place, but the day she released this song and cast out her magic, the earth was far less dark!  This is a big and beautiful song!

Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, Jackie Shane was a r&b singer who spent a lot of her career covering other people’s music.  Releasing her first single in 1962, it wasn’t until the end of her musical career that she revealed her impressive skills as a songwriter and my only disappointment with this artist is that she didn’t do this sooner!!

Jackie Shane released her last 45, New Way Of Lovin’ / Cruel Cruel World, on the Paragon label in 1969.  This was to be her final single and was billed as “A Jackie Shane Production,” with both tracks written by Jackie herself.

This Autumn, Chicago’s Numero Group are to reissue this gorgeous soul classic with the assistance of Jackie Shane, but there is more! This track comes with a significant message which is outlined on Numero’s Bandcamp page and included below:

The record, Jackie’s rarest and most sought after, has special resonance for the artist.  “Cruel Cruel World”, the cosmically rocking blues lament on the flip, is presented here as Jackie’s expression of solidarity with the Transgender Law Center.  Jackie, who does not use the internet, loudly proclaimed her approval after hearing about Bandcamp’s response to Donald Trump’s recent proclamation on transgender persons in the military.  Speaking on the president, who Jackie calls “a demented clown,” and his misguided flock, Jackie exclaims, “We’ll bring ’em into the century… Don’t worry.”

Cruel Cruel World features on a new album that The Numero Group are releasing this October called, Jackie Shane: Any Other Way.  You can pre-order your copy of the LP and purchase today’s song from here. 

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SONG OF THE DAY Gladys Lazer – Veronica

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this many times before, but one of the first things that draws me to any music is the beat..and this song has a cool beat!  Not only that, when I tracked down the accompanying video earlier, I was delighted at what I found….

Gladys Lazer, aka, Gal Lazer, is a Tel Aviv-born songwriter and drummer whose music is inspired-by and born out of his global nomadic wanderings and time spent travelling the world solely on music.  Candy World​/​Bye Past is the title of his debut EP which was released last month and recorded in Sao Paolo, Brazil and in the countryside of Southwest Georgia.  Consisting of 8 instrumental tracks, Lazar’s EP boasts an array of musical styles, combining break beat, post-jazz, krautrock and trip-hop; each song pivoting around experimental rhythms and electronic dreamscapes.

Lead single Veronica is an energised trip into Lazar’s rhythmic world and this is a place I’d like to explore more! Cascading melodies trickle ornately around a fast-paced beat and its all about the rhythm, I love that it’s all about the drums and I love this video!!…Check it out above and you will see what I mean.

Candy World​/​Bye Past is out now and can be streamed/purchased from Gladys Lazar’s Bandcamp page here. 

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SONG OF THE DAY Chelou – Damned Eye See

One thing that always strikes me about today’s artist is his very distinct signature sound which, although often delicate and understated by nature, possesses the power stand out and be recognised.

Chelou (whose name is a French expression used to describe something that is unknown) is a singer-songwriter based in North London who first came to my attention back in March 2015 with early single, Aneurysm.

Since then I’ve made a point of keeping a close eye on this emerging artist, featuring other tracks, You’re So Good, Don’t Hate on Me and his most recent single Halfway to Nowherewhich has topped over 4.8 million YouTube views!

Having previously collaborated with Maya Jane Coles on his last single, Chelou’s latest offering finds the pair working together again on a song called Damned Eye See.  Releasing yesterday, this track was recorded in his bedroom, utilising a host of unusual ‘instruments,’ including cups and kitchen utensils (for percussion), with vocal samples provided from recordings of his 8-year-old sister Flic who sent them over from her home in the South of France!

Speaking of the song, Chelou describes how,  “this track is essentially me picking up the metro everyday and seeing that shits going South” and, as with all of his music, comes from a personal place with honest expression.  I love the way Chelou has succeeded in defining his own DIY sound right from the onset, his beautifully constructed songs are based upon layers of tuneful melodies and weightless vocals, and it is this combination that Chelou is fast becoming known and revered for.

Watch this space for news about Chelou’s debut album and check out Damned Eye See above…which you can stream from here,

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SONG OF THE DAY East of Underground – Smiling Faces

Edinburgh label Athens of the North has just reissued this classic soul track which was originally released in 1971 by the Temptations.  Written by Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong for the Motown label, Smiling Faces was also covered that same year by The Undisputed Truth and released in their debut album..(I’ve featured this version on my blog back in 2015!)

There have been many more versions over the years, performed by the likes of David Ruffin, Rare Earth and Bobby Humphrey to name but a few with today’s version seeing a re-release in 2007 and again last month.  I have to admit that I like the smoothness of the East of Underground’s version, its got a funkier, soul feel to it and the vocals remind me of Curtis Mayfield.. Check it out above and order your copy of this single from here. 

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SONG OF THE DAY The Growlers – Wandering Eyes

Judging by the comments below this video on Youtube I’m not the only one mesmerised by Brooks Nielsen and his ‘wandering eyes!’

I read a review once describing how The Growlers front “man works the stage like a hippie Dean Martin” and I couldn’t think of a more apt description to encapsulate Neilsen’s distinguishable charismatic charms.  All that aside, however, I now have to rant about just how superb this band are and how their surfy, garage-rock sounds have for years satiated my psychedelic musical cravings!

Wandering Eyes opens to the sounds of tuning-up instruments and if you listen hard enough, you will hear someone in the background say ‘don’t fuck it up,’ which would probably explain the little glint in Nielsen’s eye just before the song starts.  Opening in a haze of dreamy guitars and gorgeous echoing marching snare, this heady combination provides the perfect wistful backdrop for opening line, “I’ll tell you I’ll never leave you, If you believe me then it’s your fault.”  This a song that declares everything and yet promises nothing, warning how “my wandering heart does what it wants, not even I know who I’ll love!”  I love the bittersweet sentiment behind this song and the gathering conviction in Nielsen’s vocals towards the end as they repeatedly howl, “these wandering eyes roll on the road, not even I know where I’ll go.”

Wandering Eyes is just one of 18 glorious tracks from The Growlers 2009 debut album, Are You In Or Out?  I can definitely recommend this as a listen!

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SONG OF THE DAY Billy Woods – Everybody Knows

Billy Woods has been described as a ‘rapper who defies easy categorisation’ and latest album Known Unknowns (which is his first release in 2 years!) contains some of his most melodic work yet! Tackling hefty issues such as what it is to be a Black American citizen, Woods’ doesn’t hold back when he has something to say.

The album features guest appearances from ELUCID (Armand Hammer), as well as Aesop Rock, Homeboy Sandman, Googie, singer Barrie McLain and DJ Mo Niklz and from start to finish is an album worth investigating!

One of the stand-out tracks for me was Everybody Knows, which you check out above and if you want to hear the whole album, you can listen/purchase it from here. 

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SONG OF THE DAY Unloved – Guilty of Love

If you were to merge the sounds of The Shangri-La’s, Ennio Morricone, Jack Nitzsche, Nino Rota with the electronic music of Raymond Scott, you would get a good idea of what David Holmes’ recent project, the Unloved sounds like!

Collaborating with TV composer Keefus Ciancia (True Detective) and songwriter-vocalist Jade Vincent (The Jade Vincent Experiment), Holmes and his collective got together early last year to fuse these great influences and in doing so have recreated a golden era with a modern, electronic twist!

Their music has a classic and authentic sound, adorned with gorgeous vocals and melodically dark guitars, whisking you off in a haze of nostalgia.  Today’s song is the title track from the trio’s debut EP, Guilty of Love which was released in October 2015.  Check it out above.


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SONG OF THE DAY Ty Segall – Big Man

Ty Segall has just released a new EP for which he will be donating all of its profits to the American Civil Liberties Union.   Fried Shallots consists of six tracks and is currently available digitally, with the physical copy releasing on August 25th.

Big Man is to be the only song available to stream from this EP, but for the price of just over £3.79 (or more depending on your choice of donation) you can stream/download the whole record, which is all good considering you will be getting lots of good music as well as supporting a worthy cause!

There is also a 12″ release of this EP available to pre-order via Drag City, with the digital album purchasable from Ty Segall’s Bandcamp page here. 

Check out Big Man above…

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