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SONG OF THE DAY Hoodna Orchestra – Ben Yehuda

HOT HOT HOT!!! This explosive gem of absolute glory has literally just fallen into my lap, so you can imagine how pleased I am to be at the mercy of this happy accident!! Unless, of course, you count the power … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Nathan Davis – Cecen Kizi

Born in 1937 in Kansas City, Kansas, Nathan Tate Davis, a.k.a Nathan Davis, was born with a natural flare for music. A talented multi-instrumentalist and jazz wizard, he started out playing the trombone at high school and later became proficient … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY The Eric Grant Orchestra – Uncle Joe

I love unusual fusions of sound and how the crossover of genres creates something quite unique! Today’s song is a fine example of this and comes from a record that was recorded nearly 70 years ago! Seamlessly blending elements of … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Uzi Listening – Navarro

“Music and Rhythm for your lugholes and bones…” Uzi Listening: Now here’s an intriguing listen! I’ve only heard two of their songs so far, but this is more than enough to make me want to investigate more! Formed in 2012, … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY I Marc 4 – Beat Generation

I Marc 4 were a cool Italian Jazz quartet consisting of Maurizio Majorana on the bass (M), Antonello Vannucchi at the organ (A), Roberto Podio at the drums (R), and Carlo Pes (C) on guitar. Known for creating some of … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Robohands – Nightshade

The last few days have been frustrating and I’d reached that point in music (I sometimes do) where I can’t settle upon anything, I don’t know what I want to hear and nothing seems to hit that spot. I think … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Getatchew Mekurya – Akale Wube

Known and revered for his sonic mystical meanderings, Getatchew Mekurya was an Ethiopian jazz saxophonist, active in the early-1970’s. Growing up with music he started off by playing traditional Ethiopian instruments such as the washint flute, the krar and the … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Off Side – Small Deal

If there had to be an award for most random B-side, this song would be in the running?! I think it would also qualify for the ‘superb sampling opportunity’ prize too!…but someone has snatched this beauty up already, but I’ll … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Julius Brockington – Do Your Thing

Sophisticated Funk was the debut album for the American Keyboardist, arranger and producer, Julius Brockington. Issued in 1972 on Today Records ( a label founded in 1970 by Jimmy Curtiss/Terry Philips, but run by Patrick Adams) this record is to … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Roger Roger and Nino Nardini – Malaysia

“There is no record quite like this one, and any fan of so-called lounge music or exotica should own this. For those fans of hep sounds and po-mo kitsch, you should have it too, but for those interested in the … Continue reading

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