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SONG OF THE DAY Ali Hassan Kuban – Mabruk

Known as the “Captain” or (later) “Godfather” of Nubian music, Ali Hassan Kuban was a Nubian singer, band leader and self-taught musician. His compositions never strayed far from his Nubian people’s musical roots, but as his popularity grew in the … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Taj Makki – Ma Aarfeen Nagool Shino! (We Don’t Know What to Say!)

“Sudan of old had music everywhere: roving sound systems and ubiquitous bands and orchestras kept Khartoum’s sharply dressed youth on their feet. Live music was integral to cultural life, producing a catalog of concert recordings. In small arenas and large … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Abu Obaida Hassan – Qamar Al Massa (Moon of the Night)

I have just stumbled upon this track and sat through the 8:15 minutes of it thoroughly transfixed.. Rhythmically its a dream, a dream that sends you into a trance with mesmerising percussion and melodic call and response vocals.. The talent … Continue reading

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