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SONG OF THE DAY Martin Bruhn – Música Huanca

“In short, this album represents the constant search for my own carnival and this time I am happy to invite the rest of the world to join this great fiesta.” Due for release next week, Germany’s Shika Shika Records are proud … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Cochemea – Mitote

 Cochemea Gastelum is a California native with Yaqui and Mescalero Apache Indian ancestry.  Growing up surrounded by music, he knew very little of his heritage, but both his parents were musicians, passing not only their sonic roots but a name … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Here Lies Man – Clad in Silver

What if Black Sabbath played Afrobeat?……………. This question was tantalisingly posed by LA’s Here Lies Man back in 2017 to accompany the arrival of their self-titled debut.  Gloriously put into action in their fuzzed out afrorock compositions the L.A-based quintet … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Tinariwen – Assàwt

Desert blues band, Tinariwen are a very established band, with origins dating all the way back to 1979; their hypnotic guitars and percussive-driven songs are their trademark and there’s not mistaking their sound. Today’s song Assàwt is the latest track revealed from the … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Orchestra Baobab – Foulo

The sunshine is beaming through my windows, the sky is clear blue and everything is sparkling on this fine Sunday afternoon, and I now have the perfect song to accompany this beautiful day: Orchestra Baobab’s, Faulo. The Senegalese Afro-pop legends first … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Bells Atlas – Spec and Bubble

No stranger to the Listening Post Blog, Oakland’s Bells Atlas first came to my attention early last year, and have provided that perfect sunshiny musical retreat ever since. This Californian four-piece are made up of Sandra Lawson-Ndu, Derek Barber, Geneva Harrison and Doug Stuart, … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Tycho – Epoch

San-Franciscan band Tycho is an ambient music project led by primary composer, songwriter and producer, Scott Hansen.  Also known as ISO50 for his photographic and design works, Hansen’s music evolves around a combination of downtempo vintage-style synthesizers, ambient melodies and … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Don Ralke – Face Beside the Fire

I can’t even remember where I heard this song now, I’d written it down in a list of music to revisit and investigate, so I thought it about time I do just that! This swirling little dream-like track comes from … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY D.D Dumbo – Walrus

After featuring one of my all time favourite artists yesterday, I bring you another! A more recent discovery and one that I came upon just a couple of years ago, but one that has made a massive impact on me. Oliver … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Elite Beat – Los Baez After Midnight

This funky Portland OR. band are an experimental 6-piece whose sound is inspired by world music, their influences deriving from just about any corner of the globe! Coming together nearly a decade ago, Elite Beat have perfected the art of creating … Continue reading

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