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SONG OF THE DAY Sherabil Ahmed – Argos Farfish

Known as the “King of  Sudanese Jazz“ for his pioneering and unique style of surf-rock, rock’n’roll and funk sounds, Sharhabil Ahmed (sometimes also known as Sharhabeel Ahmed) is a trailblazing artist that helped to modernise and popularise Sudanese music. Born … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Sharhabil Ahmed – El Bambi

When a song dances and sparkles into your ears and starts in such a joyous way, you can’t help but feel instantly elated! I mean, who wouldn’t welcome such a feeling? So, if you like the sound of an immediate … Continue reading

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SONG OF THE DAY Kamal Keila – Shmasha

From “the James Brown meets Fela Kuti of Sudan.” Habibi Funk has launched a new series showcasing little-known music from Sudan’s jazz scene, starting with the first ever release of Kamal Keila’s album Muslims and Christians which was released earlier this … Continue reading

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