LA’s finest, The Buttertones release new album: Jazzhound (12.4.20)


Described by guitarist and vocalist, Richard Araiza as a release that covers “completely new territory for the group” and “probably the darkest one lyrically”, Jazzhound is the band’s most extravagant, ambitious, and fully realised album to date!

Released just two days ago via LA’s Innovative Leisure, this exploratory collection of ten new tracks were all recorded mostly live with the help of producer Jonny Bell of Crystal Antlers, who produced Moonless Dream as well as 2017’s Gravedigging.  It’s also the first album with lead guitarist Modeste ‘Cobi’ Cobián acting—and thriving—in his new role as a full-time guitarist (the drum parts were written by him and played by session musician Paul Doyle), and the first since the departure of guitarist Dakota Boettcher as well.

Giving the album a once through and being a hardened Buttertones fan (I was lucky enough to stumble upon them right from the start in 2013/14 – see more posts here), its exciting to see how this band are evolving! Thankfully there is still plenty of the frantic, agile and racy rawness here!  Take Bebop and Velor for starters; but then you have the Smiths-sounding 80’s jangleness of Dirty Apartment.  This record took me a little more time to adjust to than all the others, I’m a sucker for their more frenzied offerings, but the sophistication of the songwriting skills and musicianship throughout is undeniable, proving their utter brilliance for versatility and dynamics continues and just gets stronger!!

Richard Araiza also explained how, “We really worked our asses off on this one,” and proudly went on to explain how he can’t wait to do it all again and make another record soon—after they tour the world, that is, making up for the lost dates last summer, and then some. “It feels like we’re still climbing!!!!”

Jazzhound is out now! Give it a listen and purchase it from here – and whilst you’re at it, check out all their back catalogue if you haven’t already! This band are the real deal!!!!