Melbourne’s Midlife announces new album, “Automatic”, with first single, “Rare Air” being a rather lovely chunk of cosmic escapism!

When Mildlife’s debut album, Phase, was released in 2018 it didn’t so much explode on to the scene as ooze. Their mellifluous mix of jazz, krautrock and, perhaps more pertinently, demon grooves, was the word of mouth sensation of that year among open-minded DJs and diggers searching for the perfect beat.”

Championed by the likes of Giles peterson, Australia’s Midlife have also been winners of Melbourne’s Best Electronic Act at The Age Music Victoria Awards as well as having their debut record nominated for Best Album at the Worldwide FM Awards! Not a bad start for an emerging band, but quite rightly so, this dynamic 4-piece have quite a otherworldly enchanting sound! 

With a sound derived and influenced by the likes of Can, Patrick Adams and the Jan Hammer Group, Midlife have metamorphosised into an electronically propelled, free-flowing creature of sophisticated cosmic funk.  Loose-fitting beats fall with smooth precision, vocals are cool and weightless, whilst melodies groove flighty flare.  

Upcoming album, Automatic, is due for release this September via Heavenly Recordings and sees the band move into a more “disciplined, directional and arguably more danceable” direction.  Available now is first track, Rare Air, which you can check out above! 

Pre-order Midlife’s new record and listen to the debut album on their Bandcamp page here.