JUNE 2015

Tuesday 30th June   Son Lux – Undone

New York-based Ryna Lott has recently expanded his Son Lux project into what is now a three-piece, with new members Ian Chang on drums and Rafiq Bhatia on guitar.

Following last years ‘Alternate Worlds’ EP and 2013 ‘Lanterns’ album comes their brand new LP, ‘Bones’.  Released via Glassnote Records just a week ago, listen to the full album here

Taken from this new album comes this percussive dream and today’s song titled ‘Undone’

Monday 29th June   Ambassadeurs – Looking at you (Feat C Duncan)

The Ambassadeurs are a Brighton-based band whose debut album ‘Patterns’ was released today via Lost Tribe Records.

The producer, (real name Mark Dobson) has created an album of haunting electronica, combining the added influences of techno, post-dubstep and ambient music to the mix.  Dobson is also a skilled live performer and happily adapts his work to either live vocals or samples, the result is always carefully crafted.

Also released is the new single ‘Looking At You’ which features Fat Cat signing, C Duncan (who was featured on the Listening Post blog back in January this year – click here to read C Duncan’s review).

‘Looking At You’ is a delicate haven of layered textures, dreamy vocals and catchy beats, it’s also great to see C Duncan cropping up on this new release, the combination works a treat! This is a great introduction to a debut album if ever I heard one!

Check out ‘Patterns’ here

Sunday 28th June    Moon & Pollution – Alter Eagle

Moon and Pollution are an electronic 2-piece consisting of Molly Dean (vocals) and producer Graham O’ Brian (‘No Bird Sing’ – alternative hip hop group from Minneapolis).

Since 2013 the Minneapolis duo have been steadily crafting their own sound, drawing upon abstract melodies and down tempo beats to create hypnotic textures.  Their experimental, slow burning sound takes you to a vast open space where ambient tones collide with weightless melodies.

Released in January this year came their debut album, ‘The Box Borealis’ which is where today’s song is taken from.  Listen to the full album here

Saturday 27th June   Deborah Walley – Sometimes in the Darkest Hour

This little gem is a random find for which I came upon tonight..I cannot tell you too much about this track, only that it was released in 1965 as a B-side to the single ‘So Little Time’.

It’s always grand to find something that little bit different..

Friday 26th June   Lewis Del Mar – Loud(y)
Produced by Andrew Maury (Panama Wedding), it’s origins are somewhat low key, it’s emergence a bit of a mystery, but its arrival is set to invite and engage..

..’Can you please sit the fuck down?’…This is the opening line and what better way to grab your consideration? This is how the New York duo, Lewis Del Mar’s debut single kicks in, no holds barred, this is what they are and this is what they want, your undivided attention. I think it’s fair to say that this track clutches at your ears the minute it begins regardless of the first line.

Driven by rollicking rhythms, this track initially begins with the gentle, unhurried strum of a guitar before deviating into something far more energetic and dynamic. The beats are full of intent and the drums utilised to the max as they steer the course of the song into gathered momentum. Vocally the is extremely satisfying, the mix varies from soaring highs to spoken lows, not too dissimilar to the early days of Placebo’s ‘Lady of the Flowers’. It gives depth to the track and the transition is captivating… Compared to Alt-J, it is also easy to detect a touch of Ry-X in the mix, one thing is for certain, I am certainly enjoying this discovery..

Thursday 25th June    C Duncan – Garden

After writing about C Duncan back in January (read more here), it was good to see that his forthcoming album ‘Architect’ is due out soon via Fat Cat Records!

Taken from this album comes the upbeat new single ‘Garden’ which, along with the rest of this new album, was recorded alone in his home studio in Glasgow with Duncan layering the instruments himself alongside producing his own artwork for the release too!

Pre-order your copy of Architect (due out 17th July) from here

Wednesday 24th June    Danke – Tour Bus

If it’s a moment to escape you are looking for, look no further…

For LA electronic musician and producer Danke, experimental bliss is something of a forte, with great ease she not only writes but produces her other worldly melodies.

Danke began making music from a young age and took to music very naturally.  By the time she was 10 she started to learn the piano but, not a fan of lessons, decided to map her own way into musicianship, always singing melodies in the bath at night, the two skills developing side by side.

With continued practice it wasn’t long before the young and aspiring musician’s efforts began to take shape, with her songwriting skills now cultivated she began to write her own songs.

By the time she was 14, nineties trip hop and ambient music had filtered though, influencing her further.  Her musical interests were evolving and as she matured, so did her musical tastes.  Varied and eclectic, she would be inspired by anything from Frank Zappa to Erykah Badu, always heavily influenced by different genres, settings and experiences.  Perhaps this is what gives her an edge, her varied influences and desire to forge out her own path.  Her music is certainly both different and unusual but also very innovative and will definitely draw you in…

Danke’s new album ‘Mouth Confetti’ came out just four days ago, today’s song is titled ‘Tour Bus’ and comes from this new release.  Listen to the whole album here

Tuesday 23rd June    Chet Faker – Bend

It was pure coincidence that I chose Chet Fakers new single for today’s song before discovering that today is actually his birthday! Happy Birthday Chet!

‘Bend’ is the brand new track from the Australian electronic musician, Chet Faker.  Originally recorded in  2014, the previously unreleased cut was recorded during a session for his 2014 debut album, ‘Built On Glass’, but never featured on it.  Recently resurfacing, this track will be officially released via Future Classic/Opulent records on the 26th of this month.

Speaking about the song in a press release, Chet Faker says, “‘Bend’ was on ‘Built on Glass’ until the last minute. I recorded it in 2013 and kinda wanted to put it out since. It’s always felt like a part of ‘Built on Glass’ and since [the upcoming Australian] tour is the sort of live “director’s cut” of the album it made sense to release this before it lost context.”

Listen to more here

Chet Faker’s European summer live dates are as follows:                                                      JUN
17 Tivoli Vredenburg, Utecht, Netherlands
19 Best Kept Secret Festival, Netherlands
20 Hurricane Festival, Germany
21 Southside Festival, Germany
25 Rock Werchter Festival, Belgium
26 Glastonbury Festival, The John Peel Stage

01 Open’er Festival, Gdansk, Poland
03 Lisbon Coliseum, Portugal
04 Lisbon Coliseum, Portugal

Monday 22nd June    Beastie Boys – Shambala

Today’s track is taken from the 1994 Beastie Boys album, ‘Ill Communication.’  I heard it today for the first time in ages and forgot just how much I love it, not to mention the great scene it featured in for the season finale of the third season of Breaking Bad!

Sunday 21st June    The Sand Dollars feat Chris Manak – Get Thy Bearings

I’m a big fan of Donovan’s (original) version of this song, but found this cover to be quite a pleasant listen too!

Performed by Connie Price & The Keystones, who perform/gig as The Sand Dollars, this track was released in 2003.

Connie Price and The Keystones, who originally hail from LA, create a sound that combines elements of 60’s and 70’s film scores, Jamaican production aesthetics, African and Brazilian overtones, psychedelia, hip-hop and a whole bunch of soul.  Whilst the name may lead you to believe that the band are led by a female, Connie Price and The Keystones are actually a project led by guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, Dan Ubick (of Breakestra and De La Soul Fame); Ubick produces under the name of Connie Price.

In 2014 Connie Price and the Keystones released four songs from their forthcoming third full length entitled “Lucas High” due out in 2015, a tribute to session man Doug Lucas, featuring his son Zach.

Read more

Saturday 20th June    Mirel Wagner – Oak Tree

Mirel Wagner is a singer-songwriter who was born in the late eighties in Ethiopia.  Raised in Finland, Wagner has been writing songs since she was 16 and by the time she was 24 she had created her debut album, which was released via the Finnish indie label, Kioski.

Although her debut was not the greatest success, it did manage to draw the attention of the American record label Sub Pop who went on to sign her in 2014.

Later that same year Wagner’s second album, ‘When the Cellar Children See the Light of Day’ was released which peaked at number one in the Finnish album chart.  The album was also nominated for the annual 2014 Nordic Music Price and went on to grab the award for the Best Nordic Album Of The Year.

Taken from this album comes today’s song, ‘Oak Tree’

Friday 19th June   The Acid – RA (David August remix)

LA-based, The Acid released their debut album ‘Liminal ‘ in July last year, which was greatly received and now sees one of its tracks superbly reworked by the Berlin-based artist, David August.

The 3.22 minute track, now doubled in time, stretches for 6.5 minutes in it’s fantastic, all-new remixed glory and can be heard below.

Thursday 18th June    Don McCaslin – A Song the Children Dance To

Today’s song is a wonderful little jazz tune by the American artist, Don McCaslin.  The song features on an album which is due for reissue on the 22nd of this month via the German record label, Tramp Records.

Dan McCaslin was born in Tacoma Washington in 1926 and has been involved in music ever since he was a child where he began taking piano lessons.  Inspired by boogie woogie music he formed a band whilst attending San Jose State University.  Following his graduation from college, Don played music whenever he could whilst working as a high school teacher.  He did this for 15 years before quitting his teaching job where he then moved to Santa Cruz so that he could pursue his passion for music.

In 1971 he was invited to bring a jazz combo to play at a political rally, this event took place in a 19th Century courthouse building which eventually turned into a sidewalk café.  At the request of the owner Don performed there on the opening day and ended staying, playing on a regular basis until the 1989 earthquake claimed this beautiful old building.  Following the demise of his regular playing venue, Don and his fellow musicians were forced to move and found themselves playing at another Santa Cruz restaurant where they were to stay for another 20 years.

Today you can find Don’s band, ‘The Amazing Jazz Geezers’, playing at Severino’s Lounge in Aptos, California… And amazing they are for the average age of the band is 75, they have written over 100 tunes between 1935 and 1950 and are still going strong, playing live whenever they can!

Don says one of the highlights of his musical life was seeing his own son, the saxophonist Donny McCaslin, perform at Lincoln Center with Denilo Perez.

I have to say that this listen is a bit of a revelation to me, I don’t always enjoy jazz but this has been an exception.  There is a great free flowing vibe to elements of this album and, whilst I can not hold my hand up to liking every track, there is a nice size portion that has entertained me.

You can pre order “Warmth” now, this can be found on the Tramp Shop Records Bandcamp page here.

Wednesday 17th June  – Al Berkowitz – How Could We Get Ourselves Lost

…looking to escape for a few minutes?..look no further..

Read full review here

Tuesday 16th June    Balthazar – Bunker

Belgian Indie Pop combo, Balthazar have been together for over 10 years now and in that time have released three albums.

Their sympathetic pop has slowly matured over the years as band members have swapped and changed, which brings them to their latest and most experimental album, ‘Thin Walls’ which came out earlier this year via Play It Again Sam

Today’s song is taken from their latest album and was to be their first single titled, ‘Bunker’

Monday 15th June    Wives – Shower Hour

Brand new group emerges from Queens, NY! They’re energetic, they’re gritty and steeped in mystery, this post punk band rocks’ n’ rolls, their music slaps you in the face and seizes your attention.

See you for yourself if you don’t believe me, check out their bandcamp page here

Today’s song is taken from their debut EP ‘So Removed’, which was released on the 1st of this month and can be found here

Sunday 14th June    Iron and Wine – Freedom Hangs Like Heaven

Today’s song is a blast from the past but a very worthy revival nonetheless. Released back in 2005 by Samuel Beam (aka Iron and Wine), this track is titled Freedom Hangs Like Heaven and featured on his ‘Woman King’ EP via Sub Pop Records.

Each track on this EP features a spiritual female figure with subtle underlying biblical tones, although Beam has said in interviews that he is agnostic..

Mary, carry your babe
Bound up tight like lips around a whimper
Your fingers over my face
Blind eyed Samson driven to the temple
And night birds digging until dawn
Freedom hangs like heaven over everyone
Ain’t nobody knows what the newborn holds
But his mama says he’ll walk on water
And wander back home

Mary, carry your shame
Well past all those eyes across the avenue
Fish heads running from rain
You know i’ll do anything you want me to
Lamp oil lovers may say
“freedom hangs like heaven over everyone”
Ain’t nobody knows what the newborn holds
But his papa’s going to hide shaking gristle
And shaking like bone

Mary, carry my name
Hoof marks hacked up all i had to offer you
Looked all over this place
Lost your portrait lately when the winter blew
In like herod and them
Freedom hangs like heaven over everyone
Ain’t nobody knows what the newborn holds
But a dollar says he’ll lick that devil
And do it alone

Saturday 13th June     Kone – The Return

Kone, originally from Topanga Canyon and now based in East Hollywood, is one of the co-founders of the New Los Angeles Records who has had several releases on Alpha pup.

He produces music that combines live instrumentation, vinyl sampling, experimental synths and distorted vocals, all of which come together in a multi layered collage of diverse sound.  With influences that go from funk, rock, stoner and pretty much anything and everything in between, Kone is a celebrated DJ and record collector; his music earning airplay on KCRW and BBC Radio.

On June 2nd Kone released second album via his own label titled ‘Yellowstone’, an album of psychedelic jams and scenic nostalgia. For Kone, Yellowstone National Park was a driving inspiration, so much so he aspired to create a collection of songs to capture the feeling of this specific place. Here, where volcanic stirrings meet waterfalls, fuming geysers and wild elk, is a place that would capture the imagination.  The concept was similar to that of Neil Young’s ‘Zuma’ in that this album would represent what a place feels lie in the popular imagination.

Speaking fondly of Yellowstone National Park Kone recalls how, “You turn the corner and it goes from lush and green to cold, windy, rock cliffs. You turn again and it’s lava. It’s the trippiest place ever,”. It is no wonder this album is laced with a psychedelic overtone.
Today’s song is the opening track to Yellowstone and is titled, ‘The Return’. Creating a sense of vast open space, this track rides a heavy beat with a mesmerizing feel…

Friday 12th June    Devendra Banhart – Für Hildegard Von Bingen

Devendra Banhart was born in the US to a venezuelan mother, his name is a synonym for Indra, the king of Gods (Hindu) and, in keeping with his more quirky nature, his middle name ‘Obi’ was modeled on the Star Wars character!  Never let it be said that I cannot deliver random information…

Today’s song is taken from his 2013 album ‘Mala’, which was his first studio album release since 2009 and was inspired by Banhart’s fiancée, Ana Kras, a Serbian artist.  According to a press release, the word ‘Mala’ is an Eastern European term of endearment (similar to ‘sweetie pie’).  The album was co-produced by Banhart and Noah Georgeson and recorded at Banhart’s house in LA where they played most of the instruments themselves using borrowed equipment and a recorder they found in a pawn shop; even the album cover art was painted by Banhart himself

Today’s song sees Banhart musing over a German-born, 12th century abbess, mystic and composer Saint Hildergard Von Bingen.  In his song he celebrates not only her musical output but also her significance as a healer.  In an interview Banhart describes her as, “A fabulous composer but also she’s a medieval feminist, when there weren’t that many feminists around. For somebody to have the strength to say, ‘Yes we are equal, and also, I’m a composer, a pedagogue, a herbalist.’ These are revolutionary things even today, but imagine then. She’s certainly somebody that deserves celebration, so this is a song for her.”

In the track Banhart casts a contemporary life for Hildergard by allowing her to escape the monastic lifestyle as she arrives in the present day as a video jockey for TV. An interesting concept for a tribute track, Devendra Banhart also went on to describe how, “In my head there was this little movie, an alternative universe, I guess– Hildegard is sequestered in her cloister, and one day she gets a VHS cassette and it’s the prime era of the MTV VJ, and she just goes wild. ‘That’s it for me,’ she says. ‘That’s how I’m going to get my message across.’ So she escapes the cloister…and becomes a VJ.”

With that in mind, today’s song may now take on a whole new meaning..listen below

Thursday 11th June   Death and Vanilla – Ghosts in the Machine

Death and Vanilla emerged in 2010 with a self titled debut EP which was released on CD only with a run of 100 copies available; needless to say the original is rather rare to come by.

Their sound nestles somewhere between 60’s sci-fi and ambient dream pop,  their music all created on vintage musical equipment including the organ, vibraphone, organ, mellotron and moog.

Enter into an atmospheric, psychedelic dimension with this Swedish band, their outer-worldly sounds do tend to creep under the skin.

Taken from Death and Vanilla EP reissue

Wednesday 10th June    Mr Twin Sister – The Erotic Book

Originating from Long Island and specialising in dream pop and disco, Mr Twin Sister (formerly Twin Sister) have been creating a wave of indie pop since 2008.  With comparisons to Cocteau Twins and Portishead,  this 5-piece have worked hard to build upon what started out as a small following into what is now a rapidly growing fan base.

So far they have released two LP’s and three EP’s, with their 2010 EP ‘Colour Your Life’ released on Domino Records in the UK and Infinite Best in the US.  Their music has also been sampled by Kendrick Lamar’s in his hip-hop hit ‘The Recipe’, and in 2010 one of their tracks was voted No.59 in the Pitchfork Media tracks of the year poll.

At the end of May the band shared a brand new track called ‘The Erotic Book’ which, full of layered mid tempo beats and soothing synths is a song suitable for a summer day..

Listen to more of Mr Twin Sister here

Tuesday 9th June    Jon Cohen Experiment – Blood on the Microphone

It took me 3 seconds to like today’s song when I first heard it, that’s the kind of song for me!

Jon Cohen is a beat driven, ethereal pop, Montreal-based multi instrumentalist whose music has often been described as melodic and insightful.  Cohen has spent the last four years touring, (both solo and in his band), supporting the likes of Brasstronaut, Mini Mansions, (Queens of Stone Age), BloodshotBill, Dropkick Murphys, Khaira Arby and Oneida.  His shows are often packed to the brim with energy and, as a result, have stirred up a buzz from audiences and press alike; all of which is documented on his tour blog.

Today’s song is taken from his third release ‘Passion Pilgrim’ which came out in January this year and successfully delivers yet more of his hypnotic, rhythm-driven songs.  Delivered with raw precision, Jon Cohen often operates as a ‘one man band’ to create layers recording each instrument piece by piece.

Listen to more Jon Cohen here on his Bandcamp page

Monday 8th June   Happy Machines – Composure

I can’t tell you much about Happy Machines as of yet, there isn’t too much information available but I am working on that.. What I can tell you, however, is that this band hail from somewhere in Vermont and have just released their second digital album titled ‘Composure’.  With a lo-fi sound that sits somewhere in between Iggy Pop and Lou Reed, today’s song is the title track from this new release and can be purchased from their Bandcamp page here

Happy Machines were kind enough to get back to me and the mystery surrounding their identity was dissolved when they agreed to answer a few questions..

Here is what they had to say:

Where are you from, what is your background?
Our band formed in Burlington , VT. I have written and recorded everything out so far, but there are a couple songs written by the other guys that are unfinished/not recorded. When we play live I sing and play guitar. Jeff plays bass. Matt plays drums. Sometimes we each have our own little keyboards or synthesizers for certain parts.

Prior to Burlington, I was in Portland OR but I’m originally from Los Angeles. I met Jeff Caulo and Matt Caulo a couple months apart last summer. They are both VT townies, (Townie was almost the band name). Anyway, I met them at two separate restaurants, a couple months apart and discovered a couple weeks that they were, indeed, brothers. We started playing together..

How did your EP ‘Composure’ come about?
I went to my studio and started recording the EP ‘Tape’. I was going to record songs that flourished last summer, with Matt and Jeff. (I was playing bass and Jeff was playing guitar at the time). Instead, I wrote and recorded songs that reflected how I felt at that moment. Sometimes I would sit on a rhythm or tune for a day at most. But then it would be on the cassette. It took me about a month. I did it with my only means, one mic and low quality Tuscan 4 track.

A few days later I was jamming with my friend Justin Barner and started playing the chords and singing to what is now “Composure”. It was a song I wrote to reflect how I felt, how I understood Matts feelings and the insight I gained to achieve this empathy..
A personal incident helped me write ‘Composure’, we all go through things and I came to realise that sympathy and compassion are amazing tools. I finished writing ‘Composure’ and recorded it the next day. I mixed the album for a couple weeks to find a good mix, and put out what you’re hearing today.
Everything on the EP ‘composure’ was also written and recorded within a short amount of time.

What are your inspirations?
Travel inspires me, women inspire me, friends, lessons, the ocean, music, film and animals. Composure is mostly about people’s perception of us and how we relay what they perceive. It’s about pain, isolation, and recovery.

What are your influences?
We are big fans of Can, Talking Heads, Bowie, Miles Davis 69-75, (Big fun, on the corner, etc.)
We go through the spectrum really, We’ll listen to DEVO, some samba, maybe some Roy Ayers all in the same sitting.

Personally I come out of the Southern California Garage scene. Bands like Brian Jonestown Massacre, Drinking Flowers, Thee Oh Sees, Tomorrow’s Tulips, Ty Segall. Im pretty sure that influenced my style. And all the hip hop probably.

I was on a Gary Numan ‘Pleasure Principle’ kick for a bit out west. I was never big into the 80’s but that’s been an era Ive been exploring more in the past year. Not just music but film and technology.

Sunday 7th June    Icebergs – Water Song

‘Icebergs’ is the new release from Bristol producer Luke Harney, better known as Typesun.

Typesun is well known in the Bristol music scene for his iconic productions, creative drumming, Djing and band work.  Also a songwriter, Typesun’s new productions enter into new realms and sees the producer exploring the unknown featuring collaborations with Alison Garner of The Fauns and Alex Rita of Danish duo Okapii on two of his new tracks.

Today’s song is titled ‘Water Song’ and is the more rhythmic track on this release with its Latin infused percussion and rolling piano.  Featuring the vocals of Alex Rita, whose delivery is slightly tense and impending, this track has an edginess about it that draws you in..

Purchase Typesun’s ‘Icebergs’ here

Saturday 6th June   Thee Oh Sees – Tidal Wave

Continuing on yesterdays San Francisco theme (although not intentional), today’s song comes from Californian band, Thee Oh Sees.  Forming in 1997 the band music combines a variety of rock genres including 1960’s garage rock, psychedelic rock and punk rock; their direction is forever free-flowing as is evident from this 2012 band interview:

“We work hard. I think it seems strange for us to release so many records because of the tradition in the recording industry to do things a certain way. For decades it has been months and months in the studio, one release a year, tour this, tour that, do this, do that… We just do what we want to do. Most of the songs have been worked out by the time we get to the studio so we can record them all live in two days. The other two days in the studio are having fun writing on the spot and having fun.”

With band members returning for the latest studio release, “Mutilator Defeated At Last”  their new album came out only last month via Castle Face Records

Today’s song came to me today whilst my ipod was on shuffle, it’s a fantastic track released as a single back in 2009 titled “Tidal Wave”

Friday 5th June     The Sandwitches – Play It Again Dick

The Sandwitches are an American garage-folk three piece who are based in San Francisco.  Touring with the likes of Thee Oh Sees, their vocals have also featured in the music other San Franciscan artists such as The Fresh and Onlys, Sonny Smith, and Tim Cohen; they are considered an integral part of the San Francisco indie-rock scene.

They came together back in 2008 and are now due to release their third album, ‘Our Toast’ which is due on the 9th of this month via Empty Cellar Records.  What is disappointing, however, is the sad news that their forthcoming release will unfortunately be their last, their “self-centered sad pop” shall be no more.

There is a silver lining in this somewhat sad departure though, and that is this final release sees the trio leaving on a high with positive album previews already circulating..

Today’s song comes from ‘Our Toast’ and is titled ‘Play It Again Dick’

Check out the new album here

Thursday 4th June   Grandchildren – Make It

Grandchildren are a Philadelphia-based quintet known for their cinematic orchestrations that blend folk, pop and electronic music.  Founded by songwriter Aleks Martray, the group formed in Philadelphia in 2008.

In August this year Grandchildren plan to release their third LP, ZUNI which come out via Ernest Jenning Record Co. (the band’s second LP on this label).

A press release says the album strikes a “poetic balance between the intimate and epic.” It continues,

Throughout the album, a joyful celebratory lightness is at battle with its lyrical darkness, washing over them like a baptism. The resulting feeling is an elixir of moods that can best be described as a kind of “dark pop” – a poetic tug of war between beauty and darkness, inspiration and despair, where simple heartfelt songs usher you through a landscape of complex rhythms and melodies. Martray describes the underlying creative process as something akin to lucid dreaming.

Taken from their forthcoming release is today’s song, ‘Make It’, its big, bold and powerful..  Listen to more here

Wednesday 3rd June   Lord Huron – The World Ender

Today’s song was a welcomed recommendation and are a LA-based American indie folk band called Lord Huron; a name that was inspired by Lake Huron, the lake which band founder Ben Schneider grew up visiting.  The band released their debut back in 2012 and, three years later, have just released a brand new album titled ‘Strange Trails’ which came out this April and, from what I can gather, has taken the band in an interesting new direction..

..Of course all I have to go by so far is the track, ‘The World Ender’ which comes from this new LP.  It’s a great track though and instantly grabbed my attention with its surf-like rhythms and surf rock guitars.  It feels like you have been blasted straight into a Pulp Fiction scene with echoes of The Centurians stamped all over its dusty-western sound..

Listen to more of Lord Huron here

Tuesday 2nd June   Bells Atlas – Sugar For the Queen

Not a stranger to The Listening Post Blog, this Oakland-based band have been featured a few times now.. Today’s revisit is to spread the word about the release of their new EP ‘Hyperlust’ which came out today.  I’d also like to point out that there is a free digital song download available which you can obtain just by visiting the bands new website here.

Then, all you have to do is click on the shape in the bottom left hand corner of the screen, follow the prompts and before you know it a song, (picked randomly), from their new EP will be yours!..yay! As simple as that!

Back in April I wrote a full review on Bells Atlas and this can be read here

You can also download and check out their music at their bandcamp page

Today’s song is taken from their new EP and is titled, ‘Sugar for the Queen’

Monday 1st June   Shopping – For Your Money (Fat Cat Session)

East London post-punk trio Shopping first released their debut album ‘Consumer Complaints’ back in November 2013 via their very own DIY UK label, MILK records.

The band are now signed to FatCat with a new LP on the way later this year.  To introduce the band stateside their self-released album ‘Consumer Complaints’ has just become available via this label.

The great thing about Shopping is that all of their songs have their own structures, there is no verse-chorus-verse or predictable bridge insertion; instead, songs are structured to breathe, blurring into noise where necessary.

Drummer Andrew Milk has said that Shopping “never discussed having a particular political message at all as a band.”  This may be yet another reason why Consumer Complaints bubbles with joy without being explicitly joyful and why this collection of songs never feels artificial or forced.

Taken from a Fat Cat Session and titled ‘For Your Money’, today’s song comes from their debut album

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