SONG OF THE DAY – The Phoenix Foundation – Mountain

New Zealand based The Phoenix Foundation have been playing together for the last 15 years and are due to release their 6th studio album later this week.

Titled ‘Give Up Your Dreams’, this new record is not actually asking you to discard them completely though, more suggesting that you “give up your dreams and good things will happen to you too.  It’s a mantra about letting go, worrying less, and enjoying your reality instead of always wanting more.”  I like this sentiment, maybe we  all need to let go sometimes?

Opening track ‘Mountain’ is a totally optimistic affair, with its high energy feel, stomping percussion and rhythmic afro-kraut grooves.  There is tangible eagerness in the soft airy vocals which, coupled with expansive guitars offers a strong sense of freedom.

The Phoenix Foundation had this to say of their coming release, “After 15 years together, this album feels like a total rebirth to us, it’s uplifting feel comes as an act of defiance against all our fears in life.” ..I couldn’t agree more!

Available on 7th August via Memphis Industries, you can pre order ‘Give Up Your Dreams’ from here

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