SONG OF THE DAY Naytronix – Mister Divine


The Experimental sounds of Oakland-based Naytronix, aka Nate Brenner floated into my earshot back in October last year just before the release of second album ‘Mr Divine.’  I don’t revisit albums/artists nearly enough, continuously occupied with new music, but Naytronix’s track ‘Dream’ came on in my car earlier and I brightened my journey; so I gave it a good few plays and whacked the album on when I got home too.

There is a lot going on in this music, with layered psych-pop melodies all inspired by the likes of William Onyeabor, Khaira Arby, Dizzy K and Bootsy Collins; but this sound is also shaped by the time Brenner spent on the road touring with the Tune Yards.  His songs reflect ever-changing patterns, times, people, places and sounds from every corner of the globe and this changeable flow echos through off-kilter rhythms and his experimentation with various genres.

This album takes you on a rich and diverse journey, continuously moving and changing with Brenner’s lush vocals the only constant that remains throughout.  Today’s song comes from ‘Mr Divine’ and is the first track on the album, the title track in fact.  It’s laid back feel instantly transports you into the warmth of a lazy sunshiny day where you can almost feel the suns rays tickling the skin.  It’s best listened to with your feet up and eyes closed, you will be floating off in no time….

 ‘Mister Divine’  is out now via City Slang

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