SONG OF THE DAY Lushlife – The League of Frightened Men

a2801689986_10My first thought when I heard this track playing the other day was, this sounds like a DJ Shadow track!  Big, bustin’ breaks and beats combine with smooth syncopated rhythms amidst a layering of samples, this is a big sound, this is a vast chunky and very funky big sound!

Lushlife is a Philadelphia rapper and producer who grew up on the underground rap of the 90’s, inspired by the likes of DJ Shadow and late-nineties chillout.  Releasing his latest album, Ritualize in February this year, Lushlife is about to drop a brand new instrumental EP titled, ‘No Dead Languages.’

The new EP has been described on his Bandcamp page as, ‘an earnest homage to the golden days of instrumental hip-hop and psychedelic beat music that hugely informed the sonic breadth of his work’.  

Lushlife’s first shared track off this new EP is titled, ‘The League Of Frightened Men’ which sounds just about as authentically DJ Shadow ‘Entroducing’ as you could possibly get! Check it out above.

Releasing via Western Vinyl, pre-order ‘No Dead Languages’ from here


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9 Responses to SONG OF THE DAY Lushlife – The League of Frightened Men

  1. Sahil Arora says:

    Do you know what speech/talk he is sampling in this track?


  2. Many thanks for your question.
    I’m actually not sure where the sample on this record is sourced from,
    but have found a contact for the artist on his Bandcamp page.
    You may be able to find out by contacting him direct
    Hope this helps 🙂


  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for replying! I already emailed him. And tweeted at him. And sent a Reddit message. Oh well, he is busy with touring.


  4. No problem, thank you for getting in touch.
    It’s just a shame that nobody has answered your question, I appreciate people
    get busy but it takes only a few moments. Good luck with your quest to discover
    the sample and if you get an answer, let me know?


  5. Sahil Arora says:

    Oh I will


  6. Anonymous says:

    So, guys, what is the answer? what speech/talk he is sampling in this track?


  7. Well, Anonymous, I’m not too sure what he is sampling, but I have sent a message to see if the man himself can answer this question.. If I hear anything I will add it to this post 🙂


  8. Sahil Arora says:

    “It’s from a 1950s 10-inch record with psychiatrists at a symposium talking about using psychoactive drugs – I can try to dig it up if you’re interested in the specific jawn”

    “Hey homie,

    Sorry for the delay – been crazy busy lately. Thanks for the kind words. That sample is from a vinyl record from the 1950s where psychiatrists are talking about how to treat anxiety. I’m not in my studio – otherwise I’d be able to give you the exact info on the record. Hope that helps!


    This is all I got over the last few months


  9. Yay, Sahil Arora!! At least we know the sample now, that’s great! Thank you for feeding the info back to me, I’m glad to have that question answered! 🙂


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