SONG OF THE DAY Whilk and Misky – Rain Dance

whilk-misky-rain-dance-on-indie-trendsetters-socialLondon duo Whilk and Misky came together in 2013, creating an interesting fusion of sound heavily influenced by blues, folk and electronica.

Releasing their debut EP, ‘The First Sip’ at the end of 2014, today’s song is one of their more recent offerings which was released this June.  ‘Rain Dance’ gathers on a simmering trance-like rhythm, slowly building upon a smouldering melody as the pace gradually quickens, whilst menacing vocals break with the line, ‘I can feel a storm coming, I can sense the air change ‘Cause the sky is turning as the world’s burning grey..’

The tension is tangible and, as with any brewing storm, when the rain comes the intensity dissipates; ”Rain Dance’ brings about this break as reassuring vocals repeat throughout, ‘the rain is my friend, the rain is my friend’.  Check it out above.

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