SONG OF THE DAY Ify Jerry Krusade – Everybody Likes Something Good

I have just treated myself to an 18-track album called, Wake Up You! Vol 1: The Rise & Fall Of Nigerian Rock 1972-1977 and I can’t wait for this to brighten my letterbox!  After Monday’s trip into the world of 70’s Nigerian rock, I went further on this journey and continued to track down and listen to lots more of this great music!

On my travels I stumbled across this album which was released by the Los Angeles label Now-Again Records last year.

Packed full of funk, rock and psychedelia from 1970’s Nigeria, there are two volumes to these albums (the second I will be getting soon!), both of which are presented and reissued by Now Again Records as a tribute to the many bands that formed this relatively unknown (and nearly forgotten) Nigerian psych circle.

Featuring on Volume 1 comes this instantly addictive and very funky song by Ify Jerry Krusade titled, Everybody Likes Something Good.  Get down and check it out above…

I can recommend this album if you enjoyed today’s and Monday’s song, just click on the Now-Again Records link above for more details!


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