SONG OF THE DAY Loose Meat – Edge Of Love

Now here is a track that I am getting rather excited about today! With its striking and unusual sound, this record instantly became a prominent musical feature of my day!

Loose Meat are an avant-disco collaboration between Archie Bronson Outfit’s Mark Cleveland and folktronica producer/multi-instrumentalist Capitol K (aka Kristian Craig Robinson).  Born from a desire to rip up the garage-psych hymn sheet under which Arp & Kristian met and embrace a new eclectic sound, Loose Meat have succeeded in creating something completely new and fresh sounding!

Their sizzling cauldron of disco, swingbeat, electro and Downtown music is both complex and direct and has been brewed on analog synthesizers and old skool drum machines, with the tasty addition of Capitol K’s modern electronic knowledge adding extra flavour!

Arp’s lyrical narratives are delivered by Brazilian artist Cibelle, with Viva contributing and vocal tracks are often manipulated and multi-layered.  Second track, Edge Of Love is a beautifully bizarre and curious experience, exploring different vocal dimensions as they escort you on a trip into the other-worldly.  It’s cool, its airy and gorgeously refreshing..check it out above and watch the accompanying video below.

Loose Meat’s debut album was released on June 3 via Whipped Cream Records and can be purchased from here. 

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