SONG OF THE DAY Roger Robinson – Dis Side Ah Town

If Linton Kwesi Johnson and Tricky are your vibe, you may just find today’s offering right up your street!

Roger Robinson is a writer, poet, singer and musician who lives between England and Trinidad.  Often merging the two locations in his sound and creations, he describes himself as “a British resident with a Trini sensibility” and was recently chosen by arts organisation Decibel as one of 50 writers who has influenced black-British writing over the past 50 years!

His art takes on many forms including spoken-word and poetry, but he is also known as a teacher, scholar, thinker and activist and is considered a “serious man with a great sense of humour.”

Dis Side Ah Town is the title track from Roger Robinson’s 2015 album and was recorded using old school samplers, DIY synths, home-made delays, dictaphone’s and even on board computer mics.

As described on his Bandcamp page, the story behind the album goes a little something like this:

One night in 2011 King Midas Sound‘s Roger Robinson returned to Brixton from touring and inadvertently walked into the centre of the London riots. Through the flames and smoke he felt compelled to tell the stories of the people he saw rioting on the street that night.  With disrupt‘s dub soundtrack highlighting the triumphs and tribulations in the lives of the people of Brixton, the album unfolds like a documentary film, extending from the epicentre of the riots and rippling out from there. 

Listen above and check out the rest of the album here. 

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