SONG OF THE DAY Black Flower – Almaz

“Psyche-delicious and accessible 21st century Ethiodubjazz.  As if John Zorn put on Fela Kuti’s shoes and imbibed Mulatu Astatke’s whirls..”

Ok, so for this one I’m going to ask for five minutes of your undivided, distraction-free  attention so that you can lock yourself away, switch down the lights and press play….

Journeying into the cosmic worlds of Ethiojazz and trance-inducing rhythms, Belgium’s Black Flower have returned with a new 10″ record titled ‘Intermediate State.  This four track release is due on February 9th via Sdban Ultra and follows the band’s critically acclaimed 2017 second album, Artifacts.

Influenced by artists such as Mulatu Astatke, sax giant Getatchew Mekurya and afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti, Black Flower produce a fascinating blend Ethio jazz, psychedelia and ethiogroove.

The inspiration for their latest forthcoming release came from Salvador Dali’s creative dreaming ritual. The band have derived four dream-tracks from their individual intermediate state, materialised into microscopic grooves on a black vinyl.

The first taste from the release is Almaz, a cover of an Ethiopian traditional track by legendary singer Mahmoud Ahmed. Built upon many woven layers of dreamy sound, this is a gorgeous piece of music with hypnotic African rhythms and mesmerising psychedelic grooves.  Described on Black Flowers Bandcamp page this track “immediately pulls you deeply into the intermediate state.”  Check it out above and grab yourself a copy of the record from here.

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