SONG OF THE DAY Lawrence Arabia – Solitary Guys

New Zealand’s James Milne, aka Lawrence Arabia has a captivating way with songwriting and, aided with just his voice and a guitar, produces the warmest of sounds.

The Auckland-based songwriter has recently announced his 2018 Singles Club project which consists of a monthly series of singles, all of which are to be funded by a Kickstarter campaign.  At the end of the year each monthly track will culminate in a full album, thus completing his new project!

The Auckland-based songwriter’s campaign has already met its target, but there’s still time to sign up to hear his new songs and support this ambitious creative endeavour.  First track from the singles project is Solitary Guys, a song that examines the fragility of the male ego, singing of a world where “women, tired of lame male come-ons, have all decamped to some other star system where things are much better.”  Listen above and check out a live performance of the song below (recorded live at 95bFM’s Freak The Sheep show in late January).

If you like the sound of Milne’s new project and want to join his singles club, check out his Kickstarter page and read more here. 

Solitary Guys is out now and can be purchased from here.

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