SONG OF THE DAY Shagrat The Vagrant- Beautiful Deceiver (Demo Version 1)

Steve Peregrin Took was the original Pink Fairy who left T-Rex in 1969 so that he could start working on his own songs, either as a solo musician or fronting bands such as Shagrat.

Last month Shagrat’s LP, Pink Jackets Required was reissued, featuring the three “Think Pink” tracks ‘The Sparrow Is A Sign’, ‘The Coming Of The Other One’ and ‘Three Little Piggies,’ all of which were recorded just before Steve left for the States with Marc Bolan for the very first Tyrannosaurus Rex U.S. Tour.  The demo versions 1 & 2 were recorded soon after Steve’s return from the tour.   Beautiful Deceiver is a delightful little gem taken from this album..check it out above and listen to the rest of the album here. 

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2 Responses to SONG OF THE DAY Shagrat The Vagrant- Beautiful Deceiver (Demo Version 1)

  1. Kurt Van Der Bogarde says:

    The sleeve notes on Pink Jackets Required are LIES. Those acoustic demos were recorded early 1971 by Took, Larry Wallis and Dave Bidwell of Savoy Brown. And NOT Twink.


  2. How do you know these printed notes are lies?
    I found this information form a legitimate source?
    Thank you for sharing….


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