SONG OF THE DAY Self Help – Get On With It

Bursting out of Oxford with unyielding ferocity, Self Help are a hard-hitting four-piece that demand to be heard.  Their music dwells in a place where pop entwines seamlessly with punk and rock’n’roll merges briskly with indie; the fusion delivered in an often frenzied attack of sonic energy.

Organic Noise Kitchen is the title of Self Help’s latest offering, a 6-track EP full of twisty melodies and full-throttle guitars, that includes some rather nifty bass lines! The first two tracks are definitely my favourite, so I may just cover both, but for now I’ll get on with it with “Get On With It,” the second track from this rather cool, not-so-calm and completely crazy EP.

Check it out above and listen/purchase your copy of Organic Noise Kitchen from here. 

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