SONG OF THE DAY Ralph Weeks – Let Me Do My Thing

From the first moment I heard today’s song, I felt nothing but instant love for this mighty beast and if I had a few hundred smackeroonies to spare, I’d buy a copy of the original in a heartbeat – Especially since I share my name with the label!!  Ralph Weeks’ Let Me Do My Thing is probably the most sought after Panamanian soul tune and the rare original 45 has sold for up to £500 in the past!! Originally recorded in Panama in 1971, Ralph Weeks was accompanied by the band Los Dinámicos Exciters for this track!

Reissued a couple of years back by German label, Matasuna Records, I’ve been reading all of their research they carried out to accompany this release….and there is plenty of it! They even tracked down Ralph Weeks!!!! How cool is that!!! How cracking is it that even at the tender age of 76, Ralph Weeks is still very much active in music and is still a member of an accapella gospel group that sings weekly at the church in his hometown in the state of Connecticut.  So, forgive my copying/pasting Matasuna’s bio page, but what better way to deliver the background on this legendary artist? Read all about him below and listen above! It’s a BEAUTY!!!!!

“During our research we were lucky to find Mr. Weeks, who could give us some background information to this song and his music career in general. Ralph Weeks was born 1943 in Panama, which he left at the age of 17 to move to the United States. There he founded the band ‘Ralph & Telecasters’ at the beginning of the 1960s. After his time in the US Army he started the band again, recorded their first single in 1965 and went touring in the United States during the following years. Among other gigs they also played twice in the famous Apollo Theatre in Harlem (NYC) where one of the greatest musicians like Louis Armstron, James Brown, Marvin Gaye etc. performed there.

The charismatic singer and multi-instrumentalist (guitar, bass & keyboard) was invited to a show in Panama in 1970, where he performed with members of the band ‘Los Dinámicos Exciters ‘, which he knew from his youth. In 1971 he came back again and recorded four songs with the band, which were released on the album “Lo Mejor De Los Dinámicos Exciters”. Two of the recordings were also released under Ralph’s name as a 7inch vinyl single on the Panamanian label “Sally Ruth Records” – among them “Let Me Do My Thing”.
Then he returned to the States and founded a new band in 1975 with Carlos Brown, a member of the Exciters, which existed for about 25 years. Weeks’ life has always been dedicated to music: even today, at the age of 76, he is still a member of an accapella gospel group that sings weekly at the church in his hometown in the state of Connecticut……”

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