SONG OF THE DAY Trio Nagô – Yaya da Bahia

Originally known as the Trio Iracema, the Trio Nagô were a Brazilian band who formed in the early 1950’s. Active for nearly two decades, the band consisted of composer Evaldo Gouvêia, on guitar and vocals, guitarist/singer Mário Alves and vocalist/drummer Epaminondas de Souza. 

The band started out presenting various radio shows and were eventually signed a few years later to the Brazilian label, Continental – towards the end of the 50’s they also releasing on RCA Victor amongst other labels!  The band also recorded scores for the TV, but their main passion was for their own music and their large number of albums issued over the 50’s-late 60’s is testament to that…..and if you fancy reading a more in depth breakdown of their career, I’ve found an interesting article here. 

Yaya da Bahia featured on their second album, a self-titled offering released in 1956 on 10″ vinyl. Though its not easy to differentiate their first three albums as they were all self-titled!! I’ve not heard any of their other songs yet as I only discovered this Latin lovely today, but I intend to investigate more! I love Yaya da Bahia’s glistening, upbeat feel, the collective vocal harmonies and how its centred around some pretty lush percussion too! Check it out above.

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