SONG OF THE DAY Neşe karaböcek – Yali yali

Aside from the fact this song is a damn fine delicious and spine-shiveringly (in a good way) haunting example of Anatolian music, it also samples a song from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Jesus Christ Superstar!!!

Yes, the incredible killer riffage we can hear in this track comes from Heaven on their Minds, and this particular (and best) rendition appears in the 1973 film version of this stage production (which in my humble opinion is rather amazing), sang by the amazing Carl Anderson!! (R.I.P you outstanding singer, you).

This sample has been wonderfully utilised in Neşe karaböcek;s Yali yali.  

Turkish-born Neş’ecan Göktürk, better known as Neşe Karaböcek, is a singer who’s prolific career spanned over three decades. Considered one of the main artist of Turkish Arabesque music (a fusion of traditional Turkish and world music influences and adaptations of international sounds) she started releasing in the late 1960’s.  She also starred in a great number of Turkish films and rose to popularity from the release of her first single Artık Sevmeyeceğim. Today’s glorious offering is the b-side to her Seni Buldumya single which was released in 1977! Check it out above.

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