SONG OF THE DAY Los Golden Boys – Cumbia Y Beso

R-15750988-1597114244-9620.jpegFounded in 1961 by brothers Guillermo and Pedro Jairo Garcés, Los Golden Boys were a Columbian Cumbia band that survived and enjoyed a lengthy music career that spanned over four decades! Their music, nestled in an upbeat tropical sound, was characterised by interpreting rhythms such as porro, cumbia, Colombian bagpipes, fox, pasodoble, paseaíto and twist (among others). Using instruments such as saxophone, electric guitar, Solovox, drums, conga, electric bass. there was Guillermo on saxophone and guitar and Pedro Jairo on vocals and guitar! Original recording singers included Benny Márquez and Javier Valencia, who have remained in the group since its inception until today!!

Cumbia Y Beso (translating as Cumbia and Kiss) was released as a 45 on Colombian label, Discos Fuentes, but I’ve yet to find a source that gives a date of its exact issue? I am assuming that it was put out around the same time as the album it featured on and this record, entitled En Orbita, was released in 1965 on the same label.

I love the feel of Cumbia Y Beso; the cantering rhythms and call and response vocals, rich vocals that they are! I love the way the enlightening melody is illuminated by punchy sax and wandering guitars…its a little gem! Listen above.

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