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Mike Marlin

Genre: Indie, Singer Songwriter, Alternative Rock


The Grand Reveal EmojiEmoji

Mike Malins third album, titled Grand Reveal.. And grand it is! Sprouting up from the spring of 2013, this is an album worth taking the time to listen to. With vocals compared to that of David Bowie and distinctive tones of Leonard Cohen and the Psychedelic Furs echoing out from this heart felt album, Mike Malin graces us with his own unique take on a combination of all these influences..

With Marlin, the Listening Post Blog believes that its a case of either getting him or not… The Listening Post read a review and chose to quote from that review as it summed up their thoughts exactly:

“On an initial listen Grand Reveal comes across as a competent affair musically and in lyrical terms borders on cliche. Even at this point though, the listener retains some sense that there’s something there and with repeated listens the album opens up and becomes a much more rewarding experience. After the first couple of tracks the album really begins to take hold. From ‘War to Begin’’s urgency, ‘Amazing’’s expansive refrain or ‘Giving It All Away’’s infectious vocal the album transforms into one of real quality and depth.Read more:”

Released on AMP Music Productions, Malins own label, Grand Reveal will make you want to go and discover his previous recordings, 2009 album Nearly Man and 2012 Man on the Ground. That is just what The Listening Post Blog intends to do!

The Listening Post Blog has treated you to, not one, but three great songs from Grand Reveal.. The rest is for you to go and discover!

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Interesting link:

…from the first minute you discover the ‘Posts’ you will be hooked… The Listening Post Blog certainly was!

….message me if this band fails to not only float but completely rock your boat!

The Listening Post Blog featured this band way back and are delighted to see the Post War Glamour Girls go from strength to strength!

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Goofy Foot

GENRE:  Blues Hip Hop flavoured Indie Pop, Electronic Trap Blues, Chillwave, Darkwave,   Electronica, Indie, Indie Hip Hop

Goofy Foot ‘Sharks Keep On Eating’ EmojiEmoji

Sometimes you can just go out there, hear a song from an email link or something and ride with it…Late last night I stumbled upon Goofy Foot!

Always a sucker for new sounds, here we have a fine blend of Indie, Hip Hop experimentation. Much preferring the less-electronic sounding songs from his EP, The Chokey, Brain and Brawn and Isis are worth a listen.

Described as ‘Blues & Hip Hop flavoured Indie Pop’ and originating from the sunny beaches of San Diego, please enjoy Goofy Foot!

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Marissa Nadler

Marissa Nadler – Dead City EmilyEmojiEmojiFile:MarissaNadler 2011.jpg

Dead City Emily is taken from the new album “July” which is out February 4th on Sacred Bones (North America) and February 10th on Bella Union.


Currently signed to Sacred Bones Records and Bella Union, Marissa Nadler’s vocals have been described as, “..a voice that, in mythological times, could have lured men to their deaths at sea, an intoxicating soprano drenched in gauzy reverb that hits bell-clear heights, lingers, and tapers off like rings of smoke.” A siren of sound, her music will draw you in never to return quite the same…..

Based in Boston her songs are based around an American Gothic theme with influences ranging from Fleetwood Mac to Leonard Cohen..

Truly refreshing, dreamy and bewitching.. Go board this song boat, let it drift and  set sail into the ear’s canal……….

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For all of those Jeff Buckley fans out there…

RY X – Berlin EP  EmojiEmoji

Image Ry Cumming is an Australian born singer songwriter.

Inspired and heavily influenced by Jeff Buckley RY X, (as he is now known), began writing music at 16 after listening to Buckley’s ‘Grace’ album.

After moving to LA he was initially signed by Jive Records and released his debut self titled album in July 2010. Currently he has just released his first EP, “Berlin” and is now signed to the Stockholm-based label Dumont Dumont.

Downloading his new EP is a must, you will not be disappointed! Delicate, tender and demonstrating the influences drawn upon from Buckley whilst driving forward with an individual style of his own. RY X and his wonderful tenor singing voice will drive you into an audio road well worth tracking down…

Taken from the Berlin EP, I give you, ‘Vampires’

..and ‘Berlin’


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Shopping “In Other Words”

Shopping “In Other Words”.

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Shopping “In Other Words”

Please give it up for 3 minutes of fine quality post-punk funk!!

Laced with post Punk nostalgia, addictive and hip twitching, this London based 3-piece will consume the ears with catchy riffs and DIY sounds of the new wave generation.  With instantly likeable songs you will not be disappointed with any song this band delivers!
Album release: 4.11.10!!

Shopping – “In Other Words”  EmojiEmoji   EmojiEmoji

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