SONG OF THE DAY Tiny Topsy – Just a Little Bit

hqdefaultI picked this little gem out of a playlist I’d compiled for myself a little while ago, I love it! I love the call and response style vocals and I simply adore the big, big voice of Tiny Topsy.

Active from the mid-40’s but with a career that was cut short, Tiny Topsy first began singing in Chicago with the Al Smith Band, but tragically died at the young age of just 34.

Her entire output of releases consists of just seven singles, five of which came out on the Federal label between 1957 and 1959, one on the chess subsidiary Argo in 1961 and the final release coming out on the King label which appeared just a year before her untimely death in 1963.

Today’s song is titled ‘Just A Little Bit’ and was released on the Federal label in 1959 with ‘Everybody Needs Some Loving’ as the B-side.  It’s a fantastic song and was later covered by several artists including Rosco Gordon and Jerry Lee Lewis, but no cover in the world will come close to capturing the power of a voice like Tiny Topsy’s!  Listen above.

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