SONG OF THE DAY King Khan – Children of the World

a3164627912_10This sensational song has had me doing some serious funking around this evening I can tell you, but beyond this undeniably funky groove lies a more serious theme, and King Khan has provided the perfect soundtrack to a story waiting to be told.

On June 3, King Khan returns with a limited edition 7-inch featuring the songs “Children of the World” b/w “Gone Are the Times.”  These songs were inspired by the story of a relatively unknown militant civil rights group from Memphis, Tennessee who went by the name of The Invaders (see also my Song of the Day for April 22nd).

John B. Smith, founder and leader of The Invaders, invited King Khan & The Shrines to provide the soundtrack to a forthcoming documentary about the group which is due for release this spring and had this to say of Khan:

“King Khan is a fiery arrow shot into the night sky which no one knows how high or far it will travel. However, we do know that as that arrow streaks across the heavens, its flames will light up dark places along the way.  King Khan’s music can become the voice of many around the world, some of whom have never been heard from before.”

King Khan provided a statement via Merge Records and had this to say of his new release and the untold story of The Invaders:

The fact that it has taken so long for The Invaders’ tale to be told just goes to show how the powers that be are as evil and crooked as they were 50 years ago. We must not forget that laws were born from the people’s resistance, to protect them from arbitrary power. The time has come to reclaim our laws and re-emancipate the people.

I wrote “Children of the World” as a reaction to the epidemic of police brutality that has infected America for far too long. Sadly, the greatest victims out of all this are the children. I cannot believe my eyes and ears when I watch this apathy growing out of control and literally choking the breath out of its citizens. People in America are denied the most simple, basic human rights. This return to the Middle Ages needs to stop.

“Gone Are the Times” was written to show how the struggle of the oppressed has not changed in the past century. When will the poor and impoverished stop being abused over and over again? I hope I will see that change happen within my lifetime.

The struggle is the same, so I chose message music as my weapon. May it soothe your ears as much as light a fire under the collective ass that is pulling the strings.

All power to the people!

Available on June 3rd, you can pre-order your copy of ‘Children of the World’ and ‘Gone Are the Times’ from here.  Listen above.

Read more about The Invaders and watch documentary trailer  here

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